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General news about our company, products and future releases.

New Subnet Management & Calculator Tool

MxToolbox has just launched a new Subnet Calculator tool.  It does basic subnet calculations like many online tools, but with an MxToolbox twist.  It also displays a list of each IP in the subnet and automatically does the reverse DNS lookup for you.  Real data, at your fingertips, free for all of our users.

Subnet Tool
We’ve designed this tool with service providers or larger customers in mind who manage blocks of IP addresses. For our blacklist monitoring customers, we also overlay your blacklist status and reputation data right in top of your subnets. You can also easily save “Name” information directly into the results to make it easier to keep track of things, if your reverse DNS names are not descriptive enough.

All logged in users (free, basic, or pro) will have a history of their subnets available in a drop down menu for easy access.
We are hard at work on more exciting features, and will keep you posted here.

MxToolbox adds Custom Filtering

We have been hard at work behind the scenes at MxToolbox getting ready to launch several new features, the first which is called Custom Filters. The MxToolbox tools are now recording each part of a lookup as separate piece of information. By doing this can now allow our users to ignore any piece of a lookup that might not be important to their organization.

The Custom Filters preference pane

The most common use of the custom filters we predict will be for users to ignore blacklist alerts for lists that they are not interested in being notified for, however the feature is available for all of our monitoring lookup types and can be tailored to fit specific monitoring needs.

Custom Filters are only available for customers with at least a Basic account which starts at $20 per month. Basic packages also come with additional monitors, more frequent monitoring, our bulk add tool, and a tag based dashboard. Visit our upgrade page to see the full details to our Basic and Professional packages.

May Newsletter – A Customer Service Company that Happens to Provide Email & Web Security!




Most people come to to use our Free Tools or MxWatch Server Monitoring. In addition to our Free Tools and MxWatch, we also offer Business Email & Web Security Services. Both our MxWatch and Email services come with complimentary support. Our team of Support Technicians and Account Managers are dedicated to meeting your needs and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. The end goal is to build an ongoing business relationship where all of your Email, Monitoring or Web Security needs are fulfilled. Unlike some companies, we aren’t here to sell you something once and never work with you again. We strive to constantly and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. You may ask, how do we do that?

We know that when you are having a problem with your server or email it can be very stressful. As a Consultant, System Administrator or the guy in charge of the server, you need immediate resolution as we understand that email is the lifeblood of any business. We also know how frustrating it is to call a provider and not be able to reach someone. That doesn’t happen at MxToolBox; you have a direct line to our team. Our Support Technicians work hard to listen to your issue and then provide solutions. We don’t do lip service here, we will either offer a solution or work with you until we find one.

Our Technicians are continually training and participating in continuing education so they can stay ahead of the game. Technology is changing rapidly around us and it is our obligation to understand those changes.  As your provider, it is both our responsibility and our pleasure to pass on that knowledge. We also host Forums and a Technical Blog as another way to pass on the good word.

Every business has their share of complaints and we work with our team to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately for quick resolution. We work hard to take responsibility for our mistakes and you won’t get caught in a transfer loop or passed around from one place to another. Typically your issue can be resolved with any team member that picks up the phone.

The Extra Step
Just like at your local hardware store we won’t point you to “Aisle 3” and go on with our day. Instead we take pride in leading you to the solution if possible. We’ve built online knowledge bases for all of our tools and products, we are available by phone (866-MXTOOLBOX), email, Support Ticket, Twitter, Facebook or distress signals. You can either reach out to us directly by one of the methods above or delve into our helpful documentation to find the answer yourself.

Referrals are a great sign that you are happy with our services and support. We want you to know how much we appreciate your stellar feedback and we will reward you for spreading the good word. Active customers that pass on referrals can receive a 15% discount on their next quarterly invoice. If you’re not already on one of our Business Email or Web Security Services, reference this newsletter when you contact us and we’ll offer you 10% off any new service purchase!

We are here to help you solve problems, not be another problem you have to deal with. Our team prides itself in being highly available and knowledgeable. Pick up the phone today, put us to the test, we’re standing at the ready. Stay tuned for future newsletters that will spotlight the individual members of our team (Chad, Brendan, John, Peter, Douglas, Wendy, Brian or Jeremy).


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Asset Management Real Estate Chooses Google Apps with MxToolBox Support to Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Collaborated by Chad James and Phil Palm, IT Manager

Asset Management Real Estate, LLC (AMRE) is a highly experienced brokerage firm with thirty years experience in managing large scale real estate operations across the US in numerous business markets. They currently have approximately forty employees operating out of multiple office locations. In October of 2011, after extensive problems with the incumbent email host, they made the decision to implement Google Apps for Business with the support of MxToolBox; Email Systems Integrator and Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

AMRE came to MxToolBox after reports from clients that they weren’t receiving emails and weeks of receiving little to no support from their existing provider. AMRE chose Google Apps for a number of reasons including web-based email with enhanced security, deliverability, shared documents, and de-centralized remote access for mobile users.

Our provider pointed us in the direction of MxToolBox for help. We were currently investigating implementing our own internal Exchange Server or moving to a Hosted Exchange platform. However, given the initial hardware and software costs that were associated with purchasing our own server, and after one conversation with MxToolBox, we knew that Google Apps with MxToolBox Support was the answer. They had the knowledge and expertise in email delivery that we needed and extensive experience implementing Google Apps for small businesses with a strong emphasis on resolving blacklist problems.

One feature that we are very pleased with is Google Documents. With this feature, we are able to share documents both across our company and with external clients and not worry about backups or excessive security rights.  This simple-to-use feature has streamlined our operations considerably, and has greatly reduced stress when working with other businesses or clients who don’t have the same features available to them. We like the internet access and ‘Cloud-Based’ options which provide outstanding support.

Google Voice has also given us an added benefit. Calls to our office phone system can be forwarded to Google Voice accounts, and then voicemails received can be accessed by email accounts.  This helps our mobile workforce to receive their voicemails wherever they are, and provides an accurate trail for assistance. The voicemails can be forwarded on to other workers or clients, and an action trail can be established. This feature is something that businesses like ours did not have two years ago at this time, so this puts us ahead of others in this regard.

Implementing Google Apps can offer a tremendous savings versus installing and maintaining your own servers; both from a hardware and software licensing standpoint and in the time and energy it takes to manage that infrastructure. The native features as well as the new changes and improvements that come on a near weekly basis alone are worth the investment, plus you never have to pay for those additions. With MxToolBox providing email expertise and support, you can rest assured that the answers to your questions and the solution to your problems are just a phone call away!

The Ivy Group, Ltd. Moves to Google Apps with MxToolBox; Eliminating Internal Hardware Headaches.

Collaborated by Chad James & Bobby Pearson, Ivy Group IT Administrator

The Ivy Group, Ltd. is a full-service marketing consultancy firm specializing in research, strategy, branding, web design, print, communications, and visual media, servicing customers nationwide since 1989. With teams working out of two offices, reliable email and prompt, responsive communication tools are critical. In October of 2011, after facing a number of problems with server availability and storage problems due to other applications on the server and, for the most part, a lackadaisical approach to data security, they made the decision to transition from an in-house Exchange 2003 SBS environment to Google Apps for Business with the support of MxToolBox, a US-based Google Apps Authorized reseller and Email Systems Integrator.

The Ivy Group came to MxToolBox with outbound delivery problems resulting from a blacklisted server address. As it happens, several employees were already lobbying for the move to Google Apps based on the uptime, mobile support, and universal accessibility and preferred the Gmail interface to that of Outlook or Outlook Web Access. Additionally, with few to no spam filters in place, many users would spend upwards to half an hour a day just sifting through spam. Look what Bobby Pearson, IT Manager at Ivy Group, had to say:

After reviewing the pros & cons about other providers and alternatives including upgrading our existing Exchange Server, we determined that Google Apps was the best choice with MxToolBox providing support. We chose to work with MxToolBox because they run an amazing website tool for DNS diagnostics and blacklist lookups and helped shed light on our email delivery problems when no one else could. When it came time to start the move, MxToolBox helped make the ordering and implementation process fast and efficient and fit within our 1-week rollout time.

The cost of moving to Google Apps presents a tremendous cost-advantage over the support time, potential downtime, and the headaches of managing Exchange internally. As Bobby noted, Terminating the Exchange services has freed up our server’s resources and it no longer freezes or stalls. Almost every employee now uses the Gmail web interface exclusively; they love the mobile accessibility, response time, and searchability and most of us use Google Chat on a daily basis to communicate about our projects. The conversation strings help track previous correspondence, and we no longer have annoying email delays for security purposes.”

Although we each have an area of specialization, we work interdependently as a team on all projects, and Google Apps provides tools for more streamlined communications across our organization without costly infrastructure or training. Moving to Google Apps was definitely the best decision for our business!

Postini Integrated Service: Transition to Google Apps Email Security

If you haven’t heard, Google Apps is phasing out the Postini Integrated services. You may have already received a notice from Google that your Postini / Google Message Security (GMS) Integrated settings are being dissolved. These legacy Postini features have been integrated into Google Apps and a few steps need to be taken to transition to the new Google Apps Email Security. If you haven’t received a notice from Google yet, be patient as they are doing this transition in phases. You will not have access to the transition tab in Postini until Google has alerted you.

All Postini GMS Integrated customers (Message Security for Google Apps) will be transitioned by the end of the second quarter of 2012. These customers will have access to the improved email security settings in the Google Apps control panel, including:
Content compliance
Objectionable content
Append footers
Approved sender lists
Blocked sender lists
Attachment compliance
Restrict email delivery

Customers using Postini archiving (Google Message Discovery), Google Message Encryption, or Policy TLS are not being transitioned at this time. For more details, go here. If you have any questions during your transition, see the Technical FAQs in this Transition Guide. To help you prepare for your transition, see the General FAQs.

NOTE: If your email is already flowing directly to Google Apps (i.e., your MX records point directly to Google Apps rather than to Postini), then no action is required on your part.

NOTE: The most visible change to an end user will be the loss of the Postini Quarantine Summary and Postini Message Center for spam management. Spam will now be managed by Gmail’s spam settings and users will access their spam messages directly in their Spam folder in Gmail. To begin transitioning to Google Apps Email Security, we recommend following the four steps outlined in the Postini Transition to Google Apps Email Security: Administration Guide .

As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller we are happy to assist or answer any questions about these changes, please reach out to us at

New Ping and Traceroute Tools available at

Today we’re happy to announce that we have added ICMP Ping and Traceroute to our Free Tools at Typically you would use a Windows Command Processor or Terminal shell to utilize Ping and Traceroute to help troubleshoot issues however it is often very useful to run these tools from a location other than where you are currently sitting, so we’ve added it to the arsenal of commands available on our site.

Ping (

Ping is a commonly used tool to test the reachability of a host (IP) and also measures the round trip time on the response.

NOTE: Don’t confuse the new ICMP ping tool with our email trace tool. was created in the spirit of ICMP ping as a quick tool to test Inbound and Outbound mail flow on a server. For more details on, go here.

Traceroute (

Traceroute tracks the path that a packet takes from the source to a destination address.  A traceroute also shows how many times your packets are being rebroadcast by other servers until it gets to the final destination.

Along with our Free DNS Tools, we also offer Free Server Monitoring. Our MxWatch Monitoring will allow you to setup Monitors for Blacklists, SMTP and more. You will then be alerted via email or SMS text if there is an issue with a Monitor, which can help you address problems before they escalate. The Free version of our MxWatch includes two Monitors, which can be used to check the Blacklist every seven days or any other additional alerts of your choice; SMTP, TCP, HTTP, etc. We also offer Paid Services for those individuals that want to monitor more than two sites or servers.  Why choose the paid services? The MxWatch Basic package provides up to 10 Monitors as well as access to the Tier II expertise of our rock-star Support Team!

Here is the full list of available commands for our Free DNS Tools:

Command Explanation
blacklist: Check IP or host for reputation
smtp: Test mail server SMTP (port 25)
mx: DNS MX records for domain
a: DNS A record IP address for host name
spf: Check SPF records on a domain
txt: Check TXT records on a domain
ptr: DNS PTR record for host name
cname: DNS canonical host name to IP address
scan: Perform a port scan on the host
whois: Get domain registration information
arin: Get IP address block information
soa: Get Start of Authority record for a domain
tcp: Verify an IP Address allows tcp connections (tcp:ip:port)    New!
http: Verify an IP Address allows http connections (http:”url”:”regex”)    New!
https: Verify an IP Address allows secure connections (https:”url”:”regex”)    New!
ping: Perform a standard ICMP ping  New!
trace: Perform a standard ICMP trace route  New!

As always we thank everyone for their feedback on our tools, to reach out to us please email us at