April Newsletter: How MxWatch Can Help your Business

MxToolBox has offered a variety of Free Tools including our MxWatch Server Monitoring since 2003. Over the past year, we have made numerous improvements and upgrades, including the ability to monitor TCP, HTTP/HTTPs and other additional services. Just last month we released a completely revamped version of our MxWatch Dashboard. This launch didn’t change any of the behind the scenes mechanics, but provided a new way to look at the information and a better way to organize your alerts.

The majority of people come to MxToolBox as a result of a Blacklisted email server, or a host who has servers that are Blacklisted. Inclusion of your IP Address in a Realtime Black List (RBL) or Blacklist means that IP address has either sent spam or is part of a cluster of IP Addresses that are being blocked for poor sending reputation.

What does this mean for you as the small business owner and how can MxToolBox help you?
Our MxWatch Monitoring will allow you to setup Monitors for Blacklists, SMTP and more. You will then be alerted via email or SMS text if there is an issue with a Monitor, which can help you address problems before they escalate. The Free version of our MxWatch includes two Monitors, which can be used to check the Blacklist every seven days or any other additional alerts of your choice; SMTP, TCP, HTTP, etc.

We also offer Paid Services for those individuals that want to monitor more than two sites or servers. Why choose the paid services? The MxWatch Basic package provides up to 10 Monitors. You can monitor almost any part of your infrastructure; here are a few examples:

  • IP for Blacklist Problems
  • Mail Server for SMTP availability
  • Monitor your Website (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • MX records or other DNS records
  • Any TCP Port (110, 443, 993, 995 or any custom port)

Our users have shared some of the systems they are monitoring including: VoIP, Web Servers, LDAP servers, FTP, SSH, POP, IMAP, Sql server, remote desktop and more.  The possibilities are endless!Does this make your head spin?  Are you not sure what all this means and how to know what you can monitor? No problem; We even provide an Alert Wizard which allows you to enter your Email Address or Domain Name and get a summary of the different Monitors that can be setup.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team by emailing sales@mxtoolbox.com or simply call 1-866-MxToolBox (698-6652) with any questions or to learn how you can put the Blacklist issue behind you forever!

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