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Does email content affect your email delivery?

Absolutely! Google, and Yahoo! have different algorithms for picking up on Spam, Phishing and Fraud emails and content is a key factor in their decisions to place an email in the user’s inbox.

What factors do the algorithms use?

While each Inbox Provider uses a different algorithm for weighting incoming email, there are several factors that they all have in common:

  • Checking the sending IP address for Blacklisting
  • Checking the sending Domain’s SPF record for the sending IP address
  • Checking the DKIM signature in the email header against the signature in the Domain’s DKIM record
  • Passing DMARC compliance checks
  • Checking the content for blacklisted Domain names
  • Checking the “Spamminess” of the subject line and content

Obviously, there are many more concerns than content. However, content is now a deciding factor that could still place your email in Junk or Spam folders, even if you pass all the technical hurdles.

To maintain the highest levels of email deliverability using DMARC, businesses like yours need a proven Email Delivery management system like MxToolbox Delivery Center.  Delivery Center provides you with valuable insight into your email delivery posture and the ongoing maintenance necessary to maintain peak performance:

  • Manage SPF, DKIM, and DMARC (and BIMI) to improve compliance and reduce the threat of fraud and phishing using your domain.
  • Review daily volume and SPF, DKIM, and DMARC compliance rates to ensure the best email deliverability.
  • Implement Feedback Loops to gain unique information on how your recipients view your emails and when they mark you as spam.
  • Gradually move your DMARC policy to Reject to enable better inbox placement opportunities.
  • Manage the on-going requirements of maintaining high levels of email deliverability

What do Inbox Providers look for in the content?

Again, Inbox Providers maintain different proprietary algorithms for analyzing the quality of incoming email content. However, we do have some suggested best practices to help you reach the inbox.

  • Keep subject lines relevant to the content and less sensationalized – We know the goal is to improve open rates, but if your subject line is too sensational or feels like click-bait, it will may mean the email never reaches your target.
  • Refrain from subjects that are frequently used in spam – This may go without saying, but advertising adult pills, adult recreation, bitcoin, super cheap handbags, etc. will probably put your email directly in the spam folder.
  • Avoid talking about money too often – We know you need to put the price of an item in an email. That’s totally fine. However, avoid making the entire email an inventory price list or talking about large sums of money. A local retailer we know put the pricing of single items, 6-packs and 12-packs for over a dozen items in every weekly newsletter. The spam folder was their most common destination.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS – Proper language usage is expected. If many words are all capitalized, you are shouting and begging for attention, and to be placed in the Spam folder.
  • Avoid too much hyperbole or sensationalism – Talking about being the best occasionally will not kill your content, but lots of exclamation points are a sure fire way to make an email appear to be spam.
  • Avoid links to 3rd party sites – You should own the content on your website and within your email. Linking off to a website that is not the origin of the email can be a huge red flag.
  • Avoid attachments – Attachments can be dangerous ways to distribute malware and viruses. Regardless of your intent, an email campaign with attachments is a mistake that looks like spam.
  • Have an Unsubscribe feature – Anti-spam legislation requires an unsubscribe link, so you will be violating the law not to have one, but you also look spammy if you lack the feature.

MxToolbox Spam Analyzer will help you analyze your email for problematic content and give you insight into the potential for rejection

Are you sending meaningful content?

Staying connected to customers is important for your business to thrive. The email messages you send should follow the same marketing rules that have existed for years. Be sure to following marketing best practices before sending an email campaign:

  • Are you providing real value to your audience?
  • Does your content align with your brand’s voice?
  • Does your content offer a new, unique perspective?
  • Can you support your content with data and examples?

Ignoring these best practices can make a difference between high open rates, good click-through rates and immediate unsubscribes.

If email technology feels daunting, MxToolbox Managed Services will reduce your burden. Our highly experienced team provides a Managed Services option that will help keep your email delivery at the highest possible levels.

  • Setup your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records properly
  • Manage incremental DMARC policy changes to reduce phishing and protect your reputation
  • Monitor your 3rd party providers’ reputations so you know who is at risk
  • Be alerted to phishing outbreaks using your brand so you can notify customers and vendors
  • Keep up with emerging email delivery technologies like BIMI, ARC, Feedback Loops and more…
  • On-going maintenance as email threats, configurations and standards change

Google Leverages DMARC to Block Scams

“In these uncertain times…”

Okay, we had to say it. It’s all over the place. In our estimation, 8 months into COVID, you are still receiving 2-3 of these emails a week. And, you are not alone. Google announced in April that it blocked 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 in a week’s span and the more than 240 million coronavirus-related daily spam messages currently being floated. And, Google is leveraging DMARC as the workhorse.

Protect your email with DMARC

DMARC helps an Inbox Provider, like Google, determine legitimate email from potential junk, spam, phishing or fraud. An email that is DMARC compliant most likely came from a legitimate source. Google and other Inbox Providers use DMARC to make acceptance and inbox placement decisions. So, DMARC compliance can help elevate your email and protect your business email against malicious attacks.

Without DMARC, your business email is highly vulnerable to online impersonators exploiting this pandemic. If you can be impersonated because you have not implemented DMARC, you are at risk. Adopt DMARC as soon as possible. It protects your outbound messages and improves your deliverability rates. With DMARC and BIMI, your customers will more likely view your email, which boosts your company’s brand reputation and brings both parties peace of mind.

MxToolbox’s Delivery Center helps you adopt DMARC

The MxToolbox Delivery Center is your comprehensive service for understanding email sent on your company’s behalf. It provides you expert monitoring with answers to the following questions:

  • Who sends email purporting to be from your domain?
  • What is the reputation of your senders’ IPs?
  • What is the geolocation of your senders and what are their blacklist reputations?
  • How are your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM setups performing?
  • Which senders are failing SPF?
  • Which senders are failing DKIM?
  • When to implement stricter DMARC policies?
  • What ongoing maintenance is needed to improve your email deliverability?

Our Delivery Center offers everything you need to confirm the proper configuration and ongoing maintenance of your email delivery settings. Let MxToolbox’s email experts do the work for you.