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The End of a Blacklist – BSB

On Friday the 17th of April, the blacklists BSB and BSB Domain shutdown.  When a blacklist goes offline, it typically returns a positive blacklisting event for every IP address or Domain inquiry.  This is standard but can be a bit alarming for users.

What that means for you?

All of our Monitoring and Delivery Center customers suddenly had a notification of blacklisting on BSB or BSB Domain.  This is normal.  MxToolbox has removed BSB and BSB Domain from the list of blacklists we check.  All notifications that we previously sent of blacklisting by BSB and BSB Domain can be ignored safely.  If BSB and BSB Domain return to action, then we will evaluate adding them back into the list of blacklists we search.

The Importance of Email Delivery Management

Blacklisting is not the only reason why your email may be denied or tossed into a Spam or Junk folder.  Blacklist monitoring is the beginning of good email delivery management.  In addition to monitoring your email for blacklisting, you need to:

  • Monitor your DMARC, SPF and DKIM configurations for compliance with industry standards
  • Regularly monitor the blacklist reputations of all your senders; not just your own IP addresses, but every CRM, Marketing Automation, Order Management, Support Ticketing and other sending system.
  • Actively monitor and manage the DMARC compliance rates for your legitimate senders, eliminating non-compliant senders if needed.
  • Monitor DMARC compliance rates for Fraud and Phishing attacks using your brands

MxToolbox Delivery Center provides you with the capability to manage your Email Deliverability, reducing the chance that your email will be dumped to spam or junk.  Check out Delivery Centertoday, or Contact Sales for a Walkthrough of Delivery Center Managed Services.


New MxToolBox Monitoring Feature: Pausing Monitors

Sometimes, there comes a point when a server needs to be taken down for temporary maintenance. Whether you are monitoring that server for performance or availability, you more than likely don’t want to get inundated with down alerts or, worse,  go through the process of removing the monitor in order to stop the alerts – only to re-add it again later.

With that in mind, MxToolBox recently released a new feature for pausing your monitor. Whenever you need to take server offline, you can simply pause/disable your MxToolBox monitor until you are ready to bring the server back online.

To access this feature:

  • Select the monitor you wish to pause
  • Select the “Edit” tab
  • Choose “Disable Monitor”.

When you are ready to unpause your monitor:

  • Select the “Disabled” button in the status bar of your monitoring dashboard
  • Select your monitor
  • Click “Edit”
  • Select “Enable Monitor”

Bam! your monitor is now active again and ready to start tracking.