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MxToolBox launches Zimbra based email continuity solution

Austin, TX – April 30th, 2008:  MxToolBox today announced the immediate availability of a hosted Email Continuity service based on version 5.0 of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS).

The product, called Emergency MailTM Zimbra Edition (EmZ), allows businesses with an on-premise email system to run in parallel with hosted Zimbra servers.   Most popular business email systems including all versions of Microsoft Exchange are supported.

Copies of all email messages are backed up in real time on Zimbra servers hosted in highly redundant MxToolBox data centers.  In the event of fire, natural disasters, or server failures, users can continue to communicate with each other and conduct business remotely without disruption simply by accessing their Emergency Mail account.

MxToolBox selected Zimbra, a Yahoo! company, to provide underlying mail server technology because of their best-of-breed anywhere access from virtually any device, and advanced mailbox search capabilities which are critical in a disaster recovery situation.

We are excited about MxToolBox Emergency Mail Zimbra Edition, it’s an innovative use of Zimbra’s technology and solves a critical business continuity risk facing IT Managers, said Scott Dietzen, Yahoo! vice president.  MxToolBox customers have access to a best-of-breed email and collaboration solution 24/7.

The searchable Emergency Mailbox is always available to the end users via the Zimbra AJAX web interface.   Unlike more common replication systems, FlexBox routing technology from MxToolBox scales from businesses from a few users up to thousands, making it one of the first Email Continuity solutions cost effective for small business customers.

The system has already proven itself in real-world situations.  John Autry, Manager of Information Systems for the City of Slidell in southern Louisiana notes numerous times our exchange server has been down and everyone was able to still use their email with the emergency mail.?

MxToolBox founder Eric Rachal describes, the real power behind our approach is that users can decide themselves when to use their Zimbra Emergency mailbox which means zero switchover time, and zero intervention by IT staff to engage or disengage the system.    When the customer?s email server comes back up, copies of all messages during the outage are reconciled back with the customer mail server.

Because the system is always available, some IT managers are even using it to lessen the impact of planned downtime.  Major weekend upgrades becomes much less risky when your users never lose access to email, Rachal notes.

MxToolBox had customers on an earlier version of the service in 2005 who were effected by hurricane Katrina.  Some of those customers decided never to plug their mail servers back in, so this version also offers a seamless migration path to a fully managed Zimbra solution via drag and drop web interface.

The service is available immediately from MxToolBox on a monthly subscription basis with pricing starting at $1.99 per user.

FlexBox Services

Junk Mail is a spam and virus filtering service for email servers. Junk Mail has inbound and outbound mail filtering with free spooling, it includes Lock Down and the ability to use our Protected Outbound Relay (Smarthost).

Emergency Mailis an always on, always up to date backup email box. The mailbox has a rolling 30-day email history and is always ready. There is zero switchover time, zero IT Intervention and zero switch back time. Emergency Mail is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering, Lock Down and our Protect Outbound Relay (Smarthost)

Managed Mail is a fully hosted email service with high-end security and enterprise grade redundancy. Managed Mail is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering and SMTP Outbound access.

Managed Mail Pro is a email and collaboration solution with shared synchronized contacts and calendars. Managed Mail Pro also offers shared wikis and many other web 2.0 productivity features. Managed Mail Pro is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering and SMTP Outbound access.

Mobile device Synchronization and Email Archiving are also available.  All services are available immediately to organizations throughout North America. And, if you are an IT Consultant or Solutions Provider, we are happy to announce that we have a FlexBox Email Services Partner Program.