Monthly Archives: October 2012

MxToolbox adds Custom Filtering

We have been hard at work behind the scenes at MxToolbox getting ready to launch several new features, the first which is called Custom Filters. The MxToolbox tools are now recording each part of a lookup as separate piece of information. By doing this can now allow our users to ignore any piece of a lookup that might not be important to their organization.

The Custom Filters preference pane

The most common use of the custom filters we predict will be for users to ignore blacklist alerts for lists that they are not interested in being notified for, however the feature is available for all of our monitoring lookup types and can be tailored to fit specific monitoring needs.

Custom Filters are only available for customers with at least a Basic account which starts at $20 per month. Basic packages also come with additional monitors, more frequent monitoring, our bulk add tool, and a tag based dashboard. Visit our upgrade page to see the full details to our Basic and Professional packages.