Monthly Archives: October 2014

Announcing MxToolbox Professional

Our team is happy to announce the release of MxToolbox Professional, our new power user interface.  A lot of hard work and a lot of feedback from our great users went into the creation of this new integrated interface.  We know you made the product even better!

MxToolbox Professional UI

What is MxToolbox Professional?  It is a new user interface integrating all the tools you rely upon with monitoring services.  This new UI will enable you to seamlessly transition between lookup tools and monitors without changing pages.  Power users get a highly customizable user interface featuring:

  • Favorites
  • Type Ahead
  • Lookup History
  • User-defined Tags
  • Custom Filters

You can get more information about MxToolbox Professional here.

How do you get MxToolbox Professional?  If you are an existing paid customer, you have access already.  You can switch between Professional and Classic interfaces in the Dashboard.  If you are not a paid customer, now may be the best time to look at upgrading.

Visit the MxWatch Matrix for more information.