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DMARC Protects Your Brand

Your brand reputation is important to your business.  You treat your logo, fonts and color schemes like treasure, but do you spend the same care with your online reputation?  Blacklisting, spam, spoofing and email fraud that appears to come from your domain can trash your online reputation, especially if you don’t take an active approach to protecting yourself.

DMARC can help you protect your brand, by helping you reduce the potential for spam, spoofing and phishing attacks using your domain.    Learn More

What is DMARC?

You’ve probably heard that DMARC can improve your email delivery, but what is DMARC really?

DMARC is an email authentication protocol that leverages the popular SPF and DKIM protocols to improve a sender’s understanding of how their email is processed. Messages purporting to be from the sender’s domain are analyzed by receiving organizations, and a digest of acceptance/failure notifications is sent back to the source for review. In a nutshell, DMARC is used to reduce spam and fraudulent email by giving senders information on what recipients see when an email is opened.

Properly implemented, DMARC is a powerful tool for your email delivery and protecting your business communications.  Learn More

Your Email Delivery Checklist

Email delivery can be complicated.  New technologies have emerged to help inbox providers protect themselves and their customers from spam and fraud emails, but these can also stop legitimate emails from being delivered.  How do you protect your email delivery?

Our MxToolbox Email Experts have created a checklist to help you improve your email delivery.  Learn more

Homeland Security Directs Agencies to Adopt DMARC

As a business or a government agency, you may wonder “why would I spend the time and money to adopt DMARC?”  The answer is that DMARC can help ensure your emails get delivered and protect your brand and customers from phishing and fraud while giving you valuable information about the email you are sending, including SPF alignment, DKIM authentication and forensic information on failures and the quality of the configurations of your senders.

Because of the inherent value in adopting DMARC, the US Department of Homeland Security and the UK government have made DMARC adoption a requirement for government agencies.  If you aren’t ready to adopt DMARC, you’re behind.  But, MxToolbox can help you.  Learn More