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MxToolbox Updates: New Mobile/Tablet-Optimized SuperTool in Beta

MxToolbox will soon beta test a new and updated version of our SuperTool (Beta8). Some SuperTool users will receive access to this beta version, while others will continue to use the existing SuperTool.  Be on the lookout for the upcoming changes.

The SuperTool streamlines all of your MX record, DNS, blacklist, and SMTP diagnostics into one integrated tool. Everything you need to assess your business domain’s status is found with this free tool.

Our Beta8 rollout centers on increasing multi-device usage and ensuring a better, more enjoyable experience across all devices. Upgrades will be especially noticeable for users on both mobile and tablet options. From phone, tablet or laptop, the new and improved SuperTool will help retrieve all the information you seek with the aim of a better user experience than the current SuperTool.

If you receive the Beta8 version, congrats! Any feedback you could provide our team will be greatly appreciated. Please send your thoughts, concerns, and recommendations to:


SPF Tool and IPv6 Updates

SPF Tool and IPv6 Updates

To continue our support of Email Delivery and Deliverability, MxToolbox is adding IPv6 support (Internet Protocol Version 6) to our SPF Tool, with more tools to come online later. When a user runs an SPF lookup, this update changes the lookup behavior for MX and A records that are specified within an SPF record (as tags).  Now,  SPF lookups will also check for AAAA DNS records and their resulting IPv6 addresses. Previously, the SPF tool only looked for IPv4 addresses when MX and A tags were present in an SPF record.  


IPv6 is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol—the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Web. It was ratified as an Internet Standard in 2017 and allows for larger addressing space. Every computer, smartphone, and any other device connected to the Internet needs a numerical IP address in order to communicate with other devices. Compared to its predecessor, IPv6 can handle packets more efficiently, improve performance, and increase security.

While, IPv6 has been around for decades, IPv6 addresses are now being actively used in email delivery.  MxToolbox is here to help with the transition to IPv6.  MxToolbox’s research of the current outbound email space shows that adoption has largely been among the free webmail providers such as Gmail and  Additionally, 25% of the Alexa Top 1000 websites are currently reachable over IPv6 networks.



Threat Investigation in Delivery Center

Email delivery is under assault by spammers and hackers world-wide.  Your brand and domain name can be leveraged to send spoofing emails, malware and spam to your customers, your suppliers and even to random strangers.  Unfortunately, the potential for abuse is no longer restricted to larger companies as hackers and spammers attack smaller, less protected companies.  Regardless of the size of your business, you need to protect yourself.  Several small businesses using MxToolbox Delivery Center have recently discovered that as much as 90% of the email volume reportedly coming “From” their domain is spoofed, leading to blanket denial of their email delivery.  Any company can have their business completely crippled by this type of spoofing.  How do you investigate and prevent email spoofing to improve email deliverability and protect your business?

Introducing, MxToolbox Threat Investigator!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 4.20.01 PM

Investigate threats to your email delivery in a consolidated interface.

Continuously striving to increase our customers’ email delivery rates, MxToolbox is excited to unveil a new product feature that will help your business achieve ideal deliverability.   With Threat Investigator, our customers get in-depth details on potential email delivery threats, including threatening IP addresses, geo-location, related domain information, reverse domain name system (DNS), autonomous system name/number (ASN), threat volume, and online reputation (MxReputation).  Threat Investigator provides everything you need to analyze current and potential email threats to email delivery and take steps to prevent these threats from impacting your business.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 4.18.53 PM

Leverage ASN, Geo-location and Reverse DNS to categorize threats.

Because online communication is essential for your business, MxDelivery Center with the new Threat Investigator feature examines issues associated with outbound email, focusing on any encountered delivery difficulties. Moreover, this product identifies ongoing phishing and spoofing campaigns that threaten your brand and email reputation. Being able to recognize these threats early preserves your company name and helps overall message deliverability.

In addition, this innovative feature also provides phishing and legitimate email failure samples as references for investigation purposes. All of this is at your disposal for comparison exercises and to further enhance your familiarity with threats as they emerge.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 4.32.50 PM

Threat Investigator integrates MxToolbox blacklist reputation to give you more insight.

MxToolbox’s Threat Investigator gives you unmatched awareness of threats to your company’s email practices. Your messages deserve safeguarding, and MxToolbox provides the tools necessary to protect and deliver your business email. Rely on our team of experts to help your emails get delivered by using the new Threat Investigator feature to reinforce your brand.

Existing customers: As a valued MxToolbox customer, you will have access to the Threat Investigator tool (depending on your current product subscription level). If you do not have access and would like to use this new feature, be sure to upgrade your plan to take advantage of MxToolbox’s Threat Investigator item.  Your business and your customers will greatly benefit from its addition.

DMARC Record Missing Alerts

Have you heard of DMARC?  It is the newest way to protect your email delivery and online reputation from delivery failures, misconfigurations and fraud and phishing attempts.  If you aren’t using DMARC, you are at risk from email delivery failures.  Learn more about DMARC, DMARC Compliance and Email Delivery.

Since DMARC is such a pivotal technology, we have decided that our customers need to be alerted when it is not configured.   Therefore all MX record lookups will show a critical warning when a DMARC record is not found (see below).  Paid users with MX monitors will receive critical alerts that a DMARC record is missing or misconfigured for their domain.

DMARC record missing.png

MxToolbox experts feel that DMARC is critical to your business success.  Our team is ready to help you with your DMARC configuration and transition to a focus on proactive email delivery management.  Our most recent products MxToolbox Delivery Center and MxToolbox Fraud Center leverage DMARC to improve your email delivery and protect your brand from email fraud.

Announcing MxDelivery Center

The only constant in the email world is change…

In the Dot.Boom era, most people discovered email for the first time.  Quickly thereafter malicious individuals discovered how to exploit the new technology for profit with unwanted email: SPAM.  So, businesses created blacklists, lists of IP addresses implicated in the distribution of SPAM, to stop them.  At the same time, a need for legitimate business to know if they were flagged as SPAM and blacklisted arose, and MxToolbox has been informing businesses of their online blacklist reputation ever since.

Over the last decade and a half, legitimate businesses started to employ email filtering and 3rd party mass email companies to keep their email servers off of blacklists and improve inbox delivery.  In addition, new techniques and standards were created to help businesses manage these relationships: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.

What do these standards do?

SPF tells the world what IP addresses and Domains can send email on your behalf.

DKIM electronically signs emails you send to prove that they were actually sent by you.

DMARC provides a framework for how a receiver of your email should process any discrepancies they see with SPF and DKIM and how they should tell you about them so that you can improve your email deliverability.

These technologies fit together nicely, but understanding them and reporting on it is complex.  So, we thought we’d help…

Announcing MxDelivery Center

MxDelivery Center provides everything you need to manage a complex email setup that includes everything from your own servers, to mail hosting services (like Gmail or and 3rd party emailers while reducing the risk to your brand from phishing and spoofing attacks.


MxDelivery Center combines:

  • RFC compliance checking and recommendations for SPF and DKIM configurations
  • In-depth processing of DMARC reports from your email recipients
  • Graphical representation of your DMARC compliance, SPF Verification and DKIM Verification
  • Insight into spoofing and phishing attacks carried out with your brand
  • Reputation of providers and emailers sending on your behalf


Learn more about MxDelivery Center on the product page.


Or, try our Free DMARC Report before you buy MxDelivery Center!

Our Suite of DNSSEC Tools

Recently, you might have an uptick in Denial of Service attacks or problems with root domain servers.  DNS, while the backbone of the internet, was always easy to spoof with man-in-the-middle attacks and other exploits.  To reduce the effects of these exploits, smart people in the industry created a standard to help secure DNS through a bolt-on security framework called DNSSEC.

Basically, DNSSEC enables an organization with DNS servers to vouch for a DNS entry that it serves to a requestor by signing it.  This is similar to new standards for other early unencrypted Internet protocols communications, like DKIM for email.  Using DNSSEC is like DKIM in that a provider publishes their signature in a separate DNS entry that can be queried by a DNSSEC aware client.  Clients in this way guard themselves against false DNS entries seeking to exploit them.

MxToolbox wants to make it easier for you to keep up on the latest security and networking standards, so we’ve created a suite of tools to help you with DNSSEC.  Check them out:

  • DS –  identifies the Delegation Signers (DS) for the specified domain
  • DNSKEY – returns the DNSSEC records for a domain
  • IPSECKEY –  returns the public key that resolvers can use to secure data at the IP layer using IPSEC
  • NSEC3PARAM – used by authoritative DNS servers to calculate and determine which NSEC3-records
  • NSEC – identifies the next secure (NSEC) record for the specified domain
  • RRSIG – identifies the Resource Record Signatures for the specified domain

Let us know how you like these tools!  Email us at feedback.

Office 365 Free Trial From MxToolBox

MxToolbox_Office_365MxToolBox is now offering 90-day free trials for Micosoft Office 365.  If you have thought about moving to the Cloud, now is the perfect time to try something powerful and new in the new year!

If you find server upgrades too costly, yet spend too much time managing your servers, then we have good news for you. Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft, provides anywhere access to your familiar Office applications, email, calendar, video conferencing, and most up-to-date documents across your devices—all for one predictable monthly fee. With Office 365 you can take advantage of the latest Office client and enterprise-ready tools on virtually any device—from laptops to tablets to smartphones—without having to upgrade your servers. With a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, best-in-class virus and malware protection, automatic backup and server patches, and geo-redundant data centers,

Office 365 delivers business continuity that’s easy to set up and manage and doesn’t require upfront server costs. With Office 365 you get the best value to fit your changing needs as you grow your business.

New Subnet Management & Calculator Tool

MxToolbox has just launched a new Subnet Calculator tool.  It does basic subnet calculations like many online tools, but with an MxToolbox twist.  It also displays a list of each IP in the subnet and automatically does the reverse DNS lookup for you.  Real data, at your fingertips, free for all of our users.

Subnet Tool
We’ve designed this tool with service providers or larger customers in mind who manage blocks of IP addresses. For our blacklist monitoring customers, we also overlay your blacklist status and reputation data right in top of your subnets. You can also easily save “Name” information directly into the results to make it easier to keep track of things, if your reverse DNS names are not descriptive enough.

All logged in users (free, basic, or pro) will have a history of their subnets available in a drop down menu for easy access.
We are hard at work on more exciting features, and will keep you posted here.

MxToolbox adds Custom Filtering

We have been hard at work behind the scenes at MxToolbox getting ready to launch several new features, the first which is called Custom Filters. The MxToolbox tools are now recording each part of a lookup as separate piece of information. By doing this can now allow our users to ignore any piece of a lookup that might not be important to their organization.

The Custom Filters preference pane

The most common use of the custom filters we predict will be for users to ignore blacklist alerts for lists that they are not interested in being notified for, however the feature is available for all of our monitoring lookup types and can be tailored to fit specific monitoring needs.

Custom Filters are only available for customers with at least a Basic account which starts at $20 per month. Basic packages also come with additional monitors, more frequent monitoring, our bulk add tool, and a tag based dashboard. Visit our upgrade page to see the full details to our Basic and Professional packages.

May Newsletter – A Customer Service Company that Happens to Provide Email & Web Security!




Most people come to to use our Free Tools or MxWatch Server Monitoring. In addition to our Free Tools and MxWatch, we also offer Business Email & Web Security Services. Both our MxWatch and Email services come with complimentary support. Our team of Support Technicians and Account Managers are dedicated to meeting your needs and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. The end goal is to build an ongoing business relationship where all of your Email, Monitoring or Web Security needs are fulfilled. Unlike some companies, we aren’t here to sell you something once and never work with you again. We strive to constantly and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. You may ask, how do we do that?

We know that when you are having a problem with your server or email it can be very stressful. As a Consultant, System Administrator or the guy in charge of the server, you need immediate resolution as we understand that email is the lifeblood of any business. We also know how frustrating it is to call a provider and not be able to reach someone. That doesn’t happen at MxToolBox; you have a direct line to our team. Our Support Technicians work hard to listen to your issue and then provide solutions. We don’t do lip service here, we will either offer a solution or work with you until we find one.

Our Technicians are continually training and participating in continuing education so they can stay ahead of the game. Technology is changing rapidly around us and it is our obligation to understand those changes.  As your provider, it is both our responsibility and our pleasure to pass on that knowledge. We also host Forums and a Technical Blog as another way to pass on the good word.

Every business has their share of complaints and we work with our team to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately for quick resolution. We work hard to take responsibility for our mistakes and you won’t get caught in a transfer loop or passed around from one place to another. Typically your issue can be resolved with any team member that picks up the phone.

The Extra Step
Just like at your local hardware store we won’t point you to “Aisle 3” and go on with our day. Instead we take pride in leading you to the solution if possible. We’ve built online knowledge bases for all of our tools and products, we are available by phone (866-MXTOOLBOX), email, Support Ticket, Twitter, Facebook or distress signals. You can either reach out to us directly by one of the methods above or delve into our helpful documentation to find the answer yourself.

Referrals are a great sign that you are happy with our services and support. We want you to know how much we appreciate your stellar feedback and we will reward you for spreading the good word. Active customers that pass on referrals can receive a 15% discount on their next quarterly invoice. If you’re not already on one of our Business Email or Web Security Services, reference this newsletter when you contact us and we’ll offer you 10% off any new service purchase!

We are here to help you solve problems, not be another problem you have to deal with. Our team prides itself in being highly available and knowledgeable. Pick up the phone today, put us to the test, we’re standing at the ready. Stay tuned for future newsletters that will spotlight the individual members of our team (Chad, Brendan, John, Peter, Douglas, Wendy, Brian or Jeremy).


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