Monthly Archives: August 2013

August’s New Feature – SSL Certificate Analysis


We are trying to add a new monitor or feature every month at and for August we have added SSL certificate analysis onto our HTTPS tool and monitor.


The new version of the HTTPS tool will still go and fetch a page at whatever https:// url you configure. This will make sure that the web server is online and serving pages. Just as with our HTTP monitor, you can include an optional word (or regular expression) that must be present on the page in order to pass, so you can configure the test to confirm an additional bit of status as well.

In addition, we have added SSL Certificate Analysis. We will inspect each link of the security chain for information and errors. In addition to errors, we will also issue a warning if any certificate in the chain is due to expire in less than one month. So you can use the lookup tool to quickly check your cert, and by adding a monitor, you will receive an alert when you are due to begin the process of obtaining a new certificate with plenty of time to obtain and install the new cert.

You will receive an alert if

  • DNS Check – If we can’t resolve your domain
  • Connectivity Check – If we can’t connect on port 443
  • Keyword Check- If your keyword is missing
  • Performance Check – If your page doesn’t return within 15 seconds
  • Certificate Validity Check – If your certificate is invalid
  • Expiration Check – If your certificate is expired
  • Expiration Reminder – If your certificate expires within a month