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Have You Checked Out Domain Health Yet?

You might have noticed several months ago we began to roll out the Domain Health Report as our newest tool on the site. After listening to a lot of feedback from users like you, we started building this new tool that performs a full diagnostic check on your domain and all your servers associated with your Mx Record.

With Domain Health you can quickly get a complete picture of your domain’s health. For each domain you enter we run over 140 tests including mail server, web server, DNS, and blacklist tests and identify any critical errors or warnings that could be affecting the performance of your domain.

Domain Health for

If you haven’t run a Domain Health Report on your domain yet give it a try here – Run Domain Health Report

In addition to providing this powerful new report tool for your domain – we also recently added Domain Health Monitoring. You can give us a domain name and we will run tests on all of your Web, DNS, and Email Servers every 15 minutes and alert you if we detect a critical problem or warning that you need to know about. We also alert you to any Mx or SPF Record changes that we detect.

Learn more about Domain Health Monitoring.