New MxToolBox Monitoring Feature: Pausing Monitors

Sometimes, there comes a point when a server needs to be taken down for temporary maintenance. Whether you are monitoring that server for performance or availability, you more than likely don’t want to get inundated with down alerts or, worse,  go through the process of removing the monitor in order to stop the alerts – only to re-add it again later.

With that in mind, MxToolBox recently released a new feature for pausing your monitor. Whenever you need to take server offline, you can simply pause/disable your MxToolBox monitor until you are ready to bring the server back online.

To access this feature:

  • Select the monitor you wish to pause
  • Select the “Edit” tab
  • Choose “Disable Monitor”.

When you are ready to unpause your monitor:

  • Select the “Disabled” button in the status bar of your monitoring dashboard
  • Select your monitor
  • Click “Edit”
  • Select “Enable Monitor”

Bam! your monitor is now active again and ready to start tracking.