Asset Management Real Estate Chooses Google Apps with MxToolBox Support to Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Collaborated by Chad James and Phil Palm, IT Manager

Asset Management Real Estate, LLC (AMRE) is a highly experienced brokerage firm with thirty years experience in managing large scale real estate operations across the US in numerous business markets. They currently have approximately forty employees operating out of multiple office locations. In October of 2011, after extensive problems with the incumbent email host, they made the decision to implement Google Apps for Business with the support of MxToolBox; Email Systems Integrator and Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

AMRE came to MxToolBox after reports from clients that they weren’t receiving emails and weeks of receiving little to no support from their existing provider. AMRE chose Google Apps for a number of reasons including web-based email with enhanced security, deliverability, shared documents, and de-centralized remote access for mobile users.

Our provider pointed us in the direction of MxToolBox for help. We were currently investigating implementing our own internal Exchange Server or moving to a Hosted Exchange platform. However, given the initial hardware and software costs that were associated with purchasing our own server, and after one conversation with MxToolBox, we knew that Google Apps with MxToolBox Support was the answer. They had the knowledge and expertise in email delivery that we needed and extensive experience implementing Google Apps for small businesses with a strong emphasis on resolving blacklist problems.

One feature that we are very pleased with is Google Documents. With this feature, we are able to share documents both across our company and with external clients and not worry about backups or excessive security rights.  This simple-to-use feature has streamlined our operations considerably, and has greatly reduced stress when working with other businesses or clients who don’t have the same features available to them. We like the internet access and ‘Cloud-Based’ options which provide outstanding support.

Google Voice has also given us an added benefit. Calls to our office phone system can be forwarded to Google Voice accounts, and then voicemails received can be accessed by email accounts.  This helps our mobile workforce to receive their voicemails wherever they are, and provides an accurate trail for assistance. The voicemails can be forwarded on to other workers or clients, and an action trail can be established. This feature is something that businesses like ours did not have two years ago at this time, so this puts us ahead of others in this regard.

Implementing Google Apps can offer a tremendous savings versus installing and maintaining your own servers; both from a hardware and software licensing standpoint and in the time and energy it takes to manage that infrastructure. The native features as well as the new changes and improvements that come on a near weekly basis alone are worth the investment, plus you never have to pay for those additions. With MxToolBox providing email expertise and support, you can rest assured that the answers to your questions and the solution to your problems are just a phone call away!

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