May Newsletter – A Customer Service Company that Happens to Provide Email & Web Security!




Most people come to to use our Free Tools or MxWatch Server Monitoring. In addition to our Free Tools and MxWatch, we also offer Business Email & Web Security Services. Both our MxWatch and Email services come with complimentary support. Our team of Support Technicians and Account Managers are dedicated to meeting your needs and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. The end goal is to build an ongoing business relationship where all of your Email, Monitoring or Web Security needs are fulfilled. Unlike some companies, we aren’t here to sell you something once and never work with you again. We strive to constantly and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. You may ask, how do we do that?

We know that when you are having a problem with your server or email it can be very stressful. As a Consultant, System Administrator or the guy in charge of the server, you need immediate resolution as we understand that email is the lifeblood of any business. We also know how frustrating it is to call a provider and not be able to reach someone. That doesn’t happen at MxToolBox; you have a direct line to our team. Our Support Technicians work hard to listen to your issue and then provide solutions. We don’t do lip service here, we will either offer a solution or work with you until we find one.

Our Technicians are continually training and participating in continuing education so they can stay ahead of the game. Technology is changing rapidly around us and it is our obligation to understand those changes.  As your provider, it is both our responsibility and our pleasure to pass on that knowledge. We also host Forums and a Technical Blog as another way to pass on the good word.

Every business has their share of complaints and we work with our team to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately for quick resolution. We work hard to take responsibility for our mistakes and you won’t get caught in a transfer loop or passed around from one place to another. Typically your issue can be resolved with any team member that picks up the phone.

The Extra Step
Just like at your local hardware store we won’t point you to “Aisle 3” and go on with our day. Instead we take pride in leading you to the solution if possible. We’ve built online knowledge bases for all of our tools and products, we are available by phone (866-MXTOOLBOX), email, Support Ticket, Twitter, Facebook or distress signals. You can either reach out to us directly by one of the methods above or delve into our helpful documentation to find the answer yourself.

Referrals are a great sign that you are happy with our services and support. We want you to know how much we appreciate your stellar feedback and we will reward you for spreading the good word. Active customers that pass on referrals can receive a 15% discount on their next quarterly invoice. If you’re not already on one of our Business Email or Web Security Services, reference this newsletter when you contact us and we’ll offer you 10% off any new service purchase!

We are here to help you solve problems, not be another problem you have to deal with. Our team prides itself in being highly available and knowledgeable. Pick up the phone today, put us to the test, we’re standing at the ready. Stay tuned for future newsletters that will spotlight the individual members of our team (Chad, Brendan, John, Peter, Douglas, Wendy, Brian or Jeremy).


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