Postini Integrated Service: Transition to Google Apps Email Security

If you haven’t heard, Google Apps is phasing out the Postini Integrated services. You may have already received a notice from Google that your Postini / Google Message Security (GMS) Integrated settings are being dissolved. These legacy Postini features have been integrated into Google Apps and a few steps need to be taken to transition to the new Google Apps Email Security. If you haven’t received a notice from Google yet, be patient as they are doing this transition in phases. You will not have access to the transition tab in Postini until Google has alerted you.

All Postini GMS Integrated customers (Message Security for Google Apps) will be transitioned by the end of the second quarter of 2012. These customers will have access to the improved email security settings in the Google Apps control panel, including:
Content compliance
Objectionable content
Append footers
Approved sender lists
Blocked sender lists
Attachment compliance
Restrict email delivery

Customers using Postini archiving (Google Message Discovery), Google Message Encryption, or Policy TLS are not being transitioned at this time. For more details, go here. If you have any questions during your transition, see the Technical FAQs in this Transition Guide. To help you prepare for your transition, see the General FAQs.

NOTE: If your email is already flowing directly to Google Apps (i.e., your MX records point directly to Google Apps rather than to Postini), then no action is required on your part.

NOTE: The most visible change to an end user will be the loss of the Postini Quarantine Summary and Postini Message Center for spam management. Spam will now be managed by Gmail’s spam settings and users will access their spam messages directly in their Spam folder in Gmail. To begin transitioning to Google Apps Email Security, we recommend following the four steps outlined in the Postini Transition to Google Apps Email Security: Administration Guide .

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