Why do you need DMARC?

At MxToolbox, we keep saying “DMARC adoption is imperative for successful delivery of your business email“. Without implementing DMARC, your messages are vulnerable to poor inbox placement, and fraud, phishing and spoofing campaigns. The DMARC standard gives you visibility into who is sending email “from” your domain, including bad actors. And, big Inbox Providers are prioritizing DMARC-compliant email for inbox placement. If you don’t adopt DMARC, you will behind your competitors.

Inbox Provider DMARC Adoption is Increasing

The major Inbox Providers like Google and Yahoo! have supported DMARC for several years. About 80% of the world’s inboxes run DMARC checks on inbound messages, and enforce the domain owner’s DMARC policies. This includes essentially all U.S.-based email providers (Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook).

In addition, a recent study found the number of email domains that have implemented DMARC has now exceeded the one million mark.1 This is an increase of over 48% from the previous year, and nearly 2.5 times the number of DMARC records from two years ago. It is now likely that your competitors are adopting DMARC to get better inbox placement and protect their domains against fraud and phishing. It’s time you joined them.

MxToolbox Helps You Adopt DMARC

To maintain the highest levels of email deliverability using DMARC, businesses like yours need a proven Email Delivery management system like MxToolbox Delivery Center.  Delivery Center provides you with valuable insight into your email delivery posture and the ongoing maintenance necessary to maintain peak performance:

  • Manage SPF, DKIM, and DMARC (and BIMI) to improve compliance and reduce the threat of fraud and phishing using your domain.
  • Review daily volume and SPF, DKIM, and DMARC compliance rates to ensure the best email deliverability.
  • Implement Feedback Loops to gain unique information on how your recipients view your emails and when they mark you as spam.
  • Gradually move your DMARC policy to Reject to enable better inbox placement opportunities.
  • Manage the on-going requirements of maintaining high levels of email deliverability

1 https://www.valimail.com/resources/email-fraud-landscape-summer-2020/