AMP for Email

What is AMP for email?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a way to provide dynamic email to recipients. This technology combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components to deliver engaging content quickly to customers on mobile devices.

In 2015, Google initially released AMP for websites. Four years later, AMP for email was introduced, providing email developers and marketers increased functionality. The technology’s goal is to deliver interactive content within emails that loads promptly to inboxes.

AMP and Gmail

Google and now Gmail is the driving force behind AMP adoption. Before to 2019, if your business considered the AMP email technology, you were limited to Gmail users as targets, which for most marketers is a sizable opportunity. Recently, other email providers have implemented the AMP framework, making it more relevant to business communications. If AMP becomes a standard practice, even more email providers will undoubtedly offer this technology.

AMP is far less constrained than traditional email. Some of the main aspects you can use in AMP emails are discussed below.

Dynamic content

Overall, email content has been static which can make for bland reading. AMP for email changes that practice by displaying dynamic content for more versatile engagement.


AMP for email opens up the layout of traditional email with elements such as a carousel for media, lightboxes for images and text, and accordions for showing and hiding sections. This aspect lets AMP users upgrade messages to make more impactful experiences.


With AMP, media loads quickly, allowing for better customer experience. AMP for email provides efficiency and speed without compromising design.

Should you adopt AMP?

Although AMP for Email is still being rolled out, it appears to be trending toward implementation by the majority of email providers. While email deliverability is still the biggest factor in getting your message to your customers, AMP for Email could be an interesting technology to leverage once your email is delivered.

MxToolbox and Email Deliverability

To maintain the highest levels of email deliverability, businesses like yours need a proven Email Delivery management system like MxToolbox Delivery Center.  Delivery Center provides you with valuable insight into your email delivery posture and the ongoing maintenance necessary to maintain peak performance:

  • Manage SPF, DKIM, and DMARC (and BIMI) to improve compliance and reduce the threat of fraud and phishing using your domain.
  • Review daily volume and SPF, DKIM, and DMARC compliance rates to ensure the best email deliverability.
  • Implement Feedback Loops to gain unique information on how your recipients view your emails and when they mark you as spam.
  • Gradually move your DMARC policy to Reject to enable better inbox placement opportunities.
  • Manage the on-going requirements of maintaining high levels of email deliverability

If AMP for Email becomes a standard, expect MxToolbox to add free tools to the site and new features to Deliver Center to help you adopt AMP.