Controlling Alert Notifications

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We recently had someone who uses MxToolbox monitoring contact us with a question of how he could avoid getting blacklist alerts on his phone in the middle of the night while still being able to get mobile alerts for critical things like his MailFlow monitor.

There are a couple of ways to manage your notifications and I wanted to share them here and show how you could use them to take control of the communication we send you.

You can access the Notifications settings under the main settings menu in the upper right.

Main Notification Grid

Notifications Grid

Here you will be presented with all of your monitors and which type of notifications they are configured to send out. You can filter this list to find only monitors that match your criteria and you can use the top checkboxes to turn all of the monitors on or off with a single click. This way you can decide what comes to your inbox and what comes to your phone. If you like, you can configure a monitor to never send notifications at all. More on that later.

Default Notification Options

Default Notification Settings for New Monitors

On your main settings page you can also configure your account to set default options for any new monitors that are created. This is especially helpful if you frequently add monitors and do not wish to get mobile alerts by default.


Blacklist Summary Settings

Blacklist Summary Settings

I also mentioned before that you might choose to not receive any notifications for some monitors. If you have many IP Addresses that you are keeping tabs on instead of being notified as each IP goes on and off a list, you can select to receive a helpful summary email which shows the status of all of your blacklist monitors. You can choose these to be generated anywhere from hourly to monthly and choose what time they are mailed to you. These settings are also located on the main settings page.