Domain based blacklist monitoring added

Domain Blacklist

Thousand of companies from around the world use MxToolBox’s blacklist lookup and monitoring tools to keep their online reputation safe.  This service checks your IP Address against multiple blacklists to tell you if your server is blacklisted.  Today we are adding domain-based blacklist lookups to the tools.

These domain blacklists (RHBLs, or Right-handed black lists) are an increasingly popular way to attempt to cut down on spam and fraud.  They work like this.  Instead of a server’s IP being listed, an entire domain name could be listed.  For example, if your domain name is, companies may look at the From: field and the body of an email message to see if they contain links to that domain name.

Keep in mind that MxToolBox does not run or endorse any of these lists, and users of our paid monitoring service can opt to “Ignore” these lists from their tool results and monitoring alerts.

All you need to do is run a blacklist check like normal on the website, but instead of entering an IP address, you just enter a domain name (  MxToolBox will detect that you have entered a domain name and run BOTH the “normal” IP based lists and the domain-based ones as well.

We have added a few new lists this week and expect to add more over the coming weeks.  Anyone can run a domain-based lookup on our web site for free, and users of our paid service can subscribe to alerts on these.

Your next blacklist summary email should reflect these new blacklists for any domain based monitors you have.

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