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MxToolBox constantly works to make our free public DNS, email and diagnostic tools better. We are announcing a major leap forward in user interface technology. We invite everyone to preview the new MxToolBox.


VT100 technology is now ubiquitous, and represents a major improvement over the outdated VT52 protocol which, let’s be honest, had some limitations. The additional character sets and escape sequences allow the kind of cutting-edge branding and logos marketing teams demand today. User interface developers are now able to deliver the highest possible user experience.

While other websites are stuck with outdated HTML5 technology, MxToolbox is now able to serve users with almost any hardware, including most terminal introduced after August of 1978. VT100 apps are also available for all major smart phone platforms. Well, at least IOS and Android…we’re not sure about Blackberry.

The reduced bandwidth requirements will especially benefit our users in the US, of which an estimated 10 million still have dial-up internet access, with 3 million on AOL alone. With much higher connection speeds, we don’t think the rest of the world will see much performance benefit.

The existing version will continue to be available while the new interface is in beta.

Our future technologies division encourages your feedback and if we can get 1,000 “likes” on Facebook, our management has promised to purchase us a 14.4 Kbps modem!

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