Tag and Deliver Suspect Spam – Spam and Virus Protection with Emergency Mail

If you are a current client of MxToolBox and are utilizing our Spam and Virus Protection with Emergency Mail with Tag and Deliver (TAD) class of service, this means that we will not Quarantine SPAM messages for you, but will allow that mail to come through. With this option we are modifying the email header with a Spam Flag, that way you can move all of these messages to a specified folder using the rule below.

To move SPAM tagged mail (TAD) to a specified folder:

  1. Click on Tools -> Rules and Alerts
  2. Click on New Rule..
  3. Start from a blank rule, Check messages when they arrive, Next
  4. Check “with specific words in the senders address”, then click on “specific words” in the bottom window
  5. Put this entry: Header Named: X-Spam-Flag value = “suspect” and Click Add6) Click OK7) Click Next8) Check “move it to the specified folder”, click on “specified” in the bottom window
  6. Next and Next again
  7. Type a name for your rule, we recommend “Tagged SPAM”
  8. Finish

Typically our Spam and Virus Protection with Emergency Mail is a Tag and Quarantine service which means that we Quarantine any suspect spam and place it in your Emergency Mailbox. Customers have the ability to select Tag and Deliver so that the Junk Mail goes directly to their local Email Client and then this rule moves the mail to a designated folder.

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