June Newsletter: Malware & Blacklist Protection with MxToolBox Total Security

Malware & Blacklist Protection with MxToolBox Total Security

Malware and blacklists are two major issues that are encountered by IT Professionals on a regular basis.  Workstations left unprotected or under protected can be infected with malicious code in the form of malware.  Malware comes in a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software that include computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware and scareware.   Malware  allows your network or workstations to be compromised and used to send spam which will likely land you on a blacklist.   A blacklist or block list is a basic access control mechanism that allows everyone access, except for the members of the black list (i.e. list of denied accesses).   Once on a blacklist, the deliver-ability of your email is diminished or completely disabled.   MxToolbox provides a Total Security Solution that permanently solves the problem of malware infections through the Internet as well as email deliver-ability issues in addition to providing emergency mail continuity.

MxToolBox offers a Total Security Solution that utilizes a Business Email Perimeter Security Solutionin combination with Web Security to provide additional layers of protection to combat Email and Internet threats.

Benefits of Email Perimeter Security
Our inbound services provide perimeter security so connections containing threat messages never reach your network. Since our service is protecting your network from this unwanted traffic, this will reduce the email related traffic by 80% on average. In return you will notice an increase in your server’s performance and lower bandwidth used for email, freeing it up for other uses. By not letting spam ever hit your server, storage is also reduced and mailboxes stay trim, so mail client performance on the desktop is improved as well. Our vendors are continually updating their filters and rules as attacks evolve, so you always have the best protection possible without worrying about patches and upgrades. Another added in benefit is an included Emergency Mail Inbound Backup with a 24/7 always available web console holding your last 30 days worth of inbound mail. As the mail passes through our servers, we copy every single message and hold it to provide your organization working email even if your server is down.

Outbound Blacklist Protection
When you purchase inbound email perimeter security you also get access to our outbound SMTP-relay service. This allows your email server to send external mail to our gateway and we’ll take responsibility for getting it to the destination mail server. By doing so we eliminate the threat ofblacklists being able to cause mail delivery interruptions and impacting your business. We monitor our outbound mail as well and will notify you if we see suspicious traffic from your server so we can work together to rectify any problems before they effect your users.

Emergency Mail
This is a stand-alone version of the Emergency Mail Backup that is featured in our Email Perimeter Security (Spam & Virus Protection) Solution.  Designed to be friendly to the budget for organizations that may have already invested in software or hardware to battle inbound spam; you can ensure that you still have the 30 days rolling backup of your mail as well as inbound mail spooling for up to 30 days if your server is unavailable for any reason!

Web Security
Web Security offers URL Filtering and Content-based Web Filtering that stop web-based threats before they reach your network.   Our Web security uses a Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) loaded on each user workstation and laptop.  This provides multiple layers of protection against Malware attacks by filtering inbound and outbound URL traffic in the cloud before results are delivered to the user’s desktop.  In order to be able to offer protection against these threats our Web Security utilizes the multiple features below to defend this largely overlooked gateway to your network.

  • Rapid Deployment and Reduced Cost
  • Fast Browsing with Minimal Latency
  • Customized End-user Policy Management
  • Seamless Authentication and Protection for Roaming Users
  • Real-time Reporting and Web Activity Logging
  • Real-Time Phishing Detection
  • Proactive Scan Ahead and Safe Search Capabilities

Benefits of Web Security and Email Perimeter Security Protection
With the proliferation of email defense products in use, many sources of online threats have shifted their attention from launching attacks through email systems and have targeted web browsers as an often unguarded entryway into a network.

MxToolBox bridges the gap in this once unprotected space by combining the two services; As a managed service provider, we know that all Internet/Web usage and email traffic is critical and that a total security solution is the best way to go.  We are one of the only companies to fully address the blacklist issue, offer world-class spam filtering and virus protection with email continuity, and Web/Internet Security all from a single-source service provider.  Our solutions also eliminate the need for future email server software & licenses or the purchase of costly firewall email appliances and subscriptions ever again!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how to get started on a risk-free trial of either our Email Perimeter Security or Web Security, or go for the gold and get Total Security: Email & Web Protection!

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