We’re Secure – SSL that is…

As of today, all URLs on MxToolbox are now using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or HTTPS.  HTTPS provides an additional layer of security in your web communications with MxToolbox by encrypting all communications between you and MxToolbox.

What does the change mean?

Links – If you have a static link to our site, you should be redirected to the HTTPS version of the page.  However, you may want to update your bookmark to the HTTPS version to make things simpler.

API Customers – Make sure you are using HTTPS when connecting to the API.  Our documents already suggest HTTPS but it might be a good idea to look at your implementation just in case.


Have questions or need assistance with this transition?  Contact our Support Team!

Why are we making this change?

Innovative companies like Google are recognizing the benefits of securing all communications with their clients, both for privacy and security reasons.  HTTP sends every message between your browser and the server in clear text.  In the event there is a malicious router in the network, it’s possible to record and use those message.  With HTTPS, that traffic is encrypted so no one in the middle can read it – just you and our servers!  By going exclusively to HTTPS communications, we are enabling better security for our customers.

What else does MxToolbox have for HTTPS?

Our team of experts is always looking at technology so we highly recommend our customers use HTTPS to secure traffic to their own web servers.  In fact, MxToolbox HTTP lookups and monitors will flag a server if HTTPS is not available in the future.  If you are operating a web server, we highly recommend adding an HTTPS monitor to track server uptime, alert you to potential outages and monitor your SSL certificates expiration date.