MxToolbox Status Page

Every once in a while, we, like many other providers, go offline.  Sometimes, it’s on purpose, like when we add new features and rebuild the site.  Sometimes, it’s completely accidental, like when our datacenter has an outage*.  And, you’ve been patient with us when it happens even though we’ve given you little information, typically via Twitter.

Today, that changes.  Now, you can check on our status at any time through our new account.  Simply go to to view status.  You should get a page that looks like this:

Any product related issues will be flagged so that you can keep informed on the topic.  Even with this new tool, we will continue to update our followers on twitter.  We just want you to have as much information as possible.


*On that topic, we’re working to limit the impact of datacenter outages in the future by moving more of our tools to the cloud.