How do you API – Real Life Examples, Part 2

Here’s another example from our series on API’s of how one customer is using MxToolbox’s API to simplify their day-to-day work.

The Security Team

Imagine a a security incident:

There are dozens of systems affected.  Each system has dozens of logs containing hundreds of entries for both good traffic and bad traffic.  And you have to sift through it all to find common entries before you can back track it and analyze it.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had some automated way of doing reverse DNS on IP addresses?  Would your system be faster if you could supply DNS records for domain entries and check IPs for blacklisting to highlight potential bad actors?

That’s exactly what our customer has done.  By integrated Blacklist and DNS lookups with their threat analysis tools, they have dramatically shortened the time it takes to analyze traffic pattern, determine emerging threats and diagnose past issues.

MxToolbox’s API

MxToolbox provides an API to our paid and free customers that allows you to perform lookups, control and poll monitors and check your API status.  Depending on your account, Free, Basic or Pro, you may have different access to Local or Network lookups or access to your monitors.  Many customers use our API on a daily basis to integrate their internal systems with our technology to make the work days easier.  To learn more about the MxToolbox API, click here.