How do you API – Real Life Examples, Part 1

I’ve talked a little bit about API integrations and some questions you should ask yourself before digging in and coding.  Now, I’d like to discuss some unique and interesting examples of how our customers have integrated with MxToolbox to make their daily lives easier.

The Email Service

One of our customers has a consolidated email server management platform for small businesses.  Sold as-a-service, this includes email server status and performance.  As blacklist issues are naturally important as a blocker for email performance and delivery, this company contacted us about using the API to integrate our blacklist lookup technology into their centralized management console.  Now, paid users of MxToolbox can view complete Domain Health information in their mail console, including blacklist information on all their email servers.


Another MxToolbox customer is a regional Internet Service Provider with many small online business clients, both web and email hosting.  Because they have a limited IP space, they’re using our Blacklist monitors rather than our Service Provider product for large IP spaces.  Rather than using the API, they utilize our Callback Hooks to connect to their network monitoring servers.  When one of their customers is blacklisted, our monitors call their systems, where they connect it to their customer’s account.  The ISP’s techs then reach out to their customer to notify them of the blacklisting and work with them on security practices that will enable them to stay off of blacklists in the future.  Since websites can be blacklisted due to a hack or malware infection and email servers can be blacklisted for spam, this integration gives them realtime insight into potential security and reputation issues that could affect their entire network.  Further, because incidents are connected to their internet customer management systems, they have a history of which customers are problematic and can work to segregate them from “good” customers.

MxToolbox’s API

MxToolbox provides an API to our paid and free customers that allows you to perform lookups, control and poll monitors and check your API status.  Depending on your account, Free, Basic or Pro, you may have different access to Local or Network lookups or access to your monitors.  Many customers use our API on a daily basis to integrate their internal systems with our technology to make the work days easier.  To learn more about the MxToolbox API, click here.