Did your DNS change last night?

As your company grows, so does access to your DNS.  Often multiple groups can make changes to DNS: Development, IT Operations, Marketing and even consultants.  Keeping track of who has access and what changes were made or were not made can be a difficult, but important exercise. Servers on subdomains left publicly visible long after the project is over can be used for exploitation by attackers.  Or, someone could inadvertently tell the world about a new product by setting up the subdomain early.  Finally, there is real risk in someone making an unauthorized change to DNS that shuts down critical systems.  Monitoring your DNS for changes is a business-critical task.

MxToolbox recently launched DNS Zone Protect, a monitoring solution for all your DNS, that gives you immediate warning when any change is made to your DNS.  With DNS Zone Protect, you get peace of mind knowing that changes to your DNS are being externally monitored by MxToolbox.