A new threat to your reputation via DNS

We’ve heard time and again that phishing attacks are the most popular method to obtain access to sensitive company data, but now, phishing is being used to get access to DNS. Lately, a new attack called DNS Shadowing has become increasingly popular, with growth of over 300% in the last year, and it threatens your online reputation.

DNS Shadowing involves phishing or otherwise obtaining access to your DNS accounts. From there, an intruder can create subdomains of your domain and point these entries to their servers without your knowledge. They use these false entries as part of email campaigns to your customers to gather credit cards and financial information. Since these attacks have legitimate appearing sites on URLs that appear to be part of your networks, it appears that you are asking for this information! Your reputation can be used to attack consumers that don’t even have business with you. Talk about a blow to your online reputation!

MxToolbox recently launched DNS Zone Protect, a monitoring solution for all your DNS, that gives you immediate warning when any change is made to your DNS. With DNS Zone Protect, you get peace of mind knowing that changes to your DNS are being externally monitored by MxToolbox.