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Why do businesses choose MxToolBox vs. other email solution providers?

Most people come to mxtoolbox.com to use our free tools and to get a better understanding about blacklists and why their company may be on one. The vast majority of those visitors to our website actually buy services from us because we end up knowing more about why they are experiencing problems than their current provider does.

We know that there are many different email and web security options available in the market today but we are committed to being the very best. To prove that, we routinely go above and beyond what many of our competitors are willing to do.

Let us wow you with our “Top 5 Reasons” why you would be crazy to let anyone other than MxToolBox handle your company’s email:

  1. No one provides Outbound-reputation protection against blacklists like MxToolBox does. Over half the people that hit our site already have another Spam-Service provider and/or existing Hardware and Software and yet they still have problems.
  2. No other company provides Email Hosting & Collaboration Suites, Email Security, Email Continuity, Web Security and Server/MailFlow Monitoring– ALL from one source! 
  3. We don’t believe that spam-filtering is all you need… We build inbound-spam protection which includes inbound message continuity with web access and outbound blacklist protection, with no hardware or software – All the protection your company needs is our Total Perimeter Security!
  4. We know all providers are different. That is why we have the best breed of solutions to meet and exceed your company’s requirements. 
  5. We have the SuperTool that brought you here – Why would you go anywhere else?  Plus – we have a Rock-Star Customer Support Team – Highly Available and you can understand us!

 Not to mention we give you a 30-day no-risk, no obligation trial on any of our services.  Please give us a call today at 866-MXTOOLBOX (866-698-6652) or email us at feedback@mxtoolbox.com to fix your email headaches for good!


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