American Airlines and UPS Spam Breaching Postini Filters – Automatic Updates to Filters Expected

If you have received either the UPS Confirmation email or the American Airlines Order ID messages, you are not alone. Currently spam filters across the world are frantically adjusting their heuristics to combat these spam messages. While the filters are being automatically updated, we would recommend enabling a attachment filter to block these messages

NOTE: If this filter is applied, it will block any legitimate message with a .zip attachment. See below for the steps to enable the recommended filter and the recommended settings:

Attachment Manager Filter Steps

  1. Access the customer’s Postini User Org (not MAIL or Email Config level) and enable the Inbound Attachment Manager.
  2. We highly recommend enabling ‘Scan inside compressed file types’ and ‘Enable binary scanning’ as this may also help with any future evolutions.
  3. To build a custom filter for blocking .zip attachments, select Filter and follow the image below:

  4. Be sure to add ‘zip’ under 2. Custom Filter Types to either User Quarantine (in case of false positives) or under Quarantine Redirect.
  5. Click Save and the filter is applied.

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