FlexBox Email Services FAQs

What is FlexBox?

FlexBox is an on-demand Email Services Platform built on patent-pending technology. FlexBox is the only Email Services Suite that runs in parallel with your existing email system

The individual FlexBox services are Junk Mail, Emergency Mail, Managed Mail, Managed Mail Pro, Email Archiving and Mobile Synchronization.

What Makes FlexBox Unique?

It runs in Parallel with your existing system. There are two substantial benefits to this:

  1. Customize the service on a per user basis to meet you exact needs.
  2. Migrate some or all of your users to a Hosted Email Solution at your own pace without unplugging your existing email server

Why should I choose FlexBox?

FlexBox gives you…flexibilty. FlexBox is built to the highest standards of quality and reliability. More importantly, you can customize the service to meet you exact needs.

How is FlexBox able to Synchronize with a MailBox on my existing server?

Through a Patent Pending Technology called Hosted Simultaneous Split, or HSS. HSS is the technical term, but we refer to it as “Drag and Drop Migration,” because that is what it enables.

Can I have different users on different FlexBox services at the same time?


Do you have a trial?

Yes. There is always a risk-free 30 Day Trial period for new customers

How long does FlexBox take to setup?

FlexBox is setup very quickly. You can usually be up and running as soon as your MX Records are pointing to the FlexBox servers

Is there a Partner Program?

Yes. Learn more about our partner program for IT consultants and solutions providers.

Is FlexBox easy to manage?

It is Drag and Drop Easy

Is it easy to migrate to FlexBox?

Extremely. If you are migrating mailboxes to a Hosted Solution, there is no easier migration.

Don’t see you question here? Call 866-698-6652 to speak with a FlexBox specialist to begin your 30 Day Risk Free Trial.

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