False Security on the Web

Last month I worked on my friend’s computer because they were having pop-ups, spam and all kinds of major problems. When we finally got to the bottom of what was causing the problem…it turned out that he had been confronted with a pop-up that looked very official, but had dire consequences when he clicked on it. The ad was so realistic that it had Windows icons, matching font and appeared to be completely official. Even worse the pop-up resemebled the Windows Security warnings that my friend was used to seeing, so  he thought the pop-up had to be from his computer!

This may sound fishy to you as a Technical person, but this happens to our parents, friends, brothers, co-workers almost every day! They see something out of the ordinary, but it is convincing enough that they click on it. These ads, pop-ups, spam or whatever you want to call them are just convincing enough that personal information is entered including credit card numbers, email addresses and home addresses. But lets be real here…most of these incidents are occurring at home right?

What about your business? Are you instructing your co-workers to deal with these problems? What about simple spam emails that your co-worker clicks on and then a Trojan or a Worm is present on your network? This will then cause your IP to be Blacklisted and this causes your company to lose money!

Make sure that your entire network and company is safe by using our Perimeter Defense Email system that will protect spam and viruses from ever reaching your network. Our Perimeter Defense is guaranteed to protect your network from being compromised by spammers, viruses, worms, spoofing, DHA and DoS attacks:

FlexBox Services

Junk Mail is a spam and virus filtering service for email servers. Junk Mail has inbound and outbound mail filtering with free spooling, it includes Lock Down and the ability to use our Protected Outbound Relay (Smarthost).

Emergency Mail is an always on, always up to date backup email box. The mailbox has a rolling 30-day email history and is always ready. There is zero switchover time, zero IT Intervention and zero switch back time. Emergency Mail is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering, Lock Down and our Protect Outbound Relay (Smarthost)

Managed Mail is a fully hosted email service with high-end security and enterprise grade redundancy. Managed Mail is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering and SMTP Outbound access.

Managed Mail Pro is a email and collaboration solution with shared synchronized contacts and calendars. Managed Mail Pro also offers shared wikis and many other web 2.0 productivity features. Managed Mail Pro is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering and SMTP Outbound access.

Mobile device Synchronization and Email Archiving are also available.  All services are available immediately to organizations throughout North America. And, if you are an IT Consultant or Solutions Provider, we are happy to announce that we have a FlexBox Email Services Partner Program.

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