What Blacklists Are and How MxToolBox Helps

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One of the most common security challenges for companies is keeping their organization’s email off of Blacklists. When your company gets Blacklisted it will cause major trouble for your business and it will slow down your communication with current customers, prospects and in general the outside world. Email communication is a critical and profit dependent function of any business and this type of communication interruption is both time consuming, costly and completely avoidable.

Most companies discover they have been Blacklisted when they start hearing complaints that their emails have not been received or messages that have been sent are bouncing back. This is really the worst way to find out your company has been Blacklisted because when customers start calling to complain there is already trouble and then you are under pressure to figure out the problem.

A Blacklist, otherwise known as a Real Time Blacklists (RBLs) is a list of problematic IPs that are monitored by Blacklist companies. There are many Blacklist companies and while MxToolBox does provide a Free Blacklist Lookup Tool, we do not control or are affiliated with any Blacklists in any shape or form. Many ISP providers subscribe to Blacklists as an inexpensive means of controlling spam and abusive email senders. There are many reasons a company may end up on a Blacklist, more often that not it’s because a company has not taken appropriate steps to secure their email infrastructure or has been compromised by spammers, hackers, or virus propagators.

Once your IP has been Blacklisted, what can you do?

Well that is where MxToolBox steps in to help. With email service through MxToolBox you won’t have to worry about Blacklists. Our highly trained IT professionals will eliminate your Blacklist problem and we will help you find the root cause of the Blacklist and our service will keep your system secure so the problem will not return.

With our email service your company won’t get Blacklisted and once we have eliminated that worry you can rest assured knowing that if you have any other challenges a real person is only a phone call away. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and our ability to solve your email challenges.

If your company has not had your productivity hampered by being Blacklisted then now is the time to sign up for our secure email service. With MxToolBox Email Solutions you can be secure in your knowledge that your email is safe and you won’t suffer the expense of having your email go down at a time when every customer counts.

It is times like these that the ability to cut costs and add productivity makes the most sense. Not only will email hosting by MxToolBox protect you from Blacklists, but it will also keep you safe with world class perimeter protection that will keep you secure from phishing as well as viruses and spam. We offer several levels of Email Hosting Solutions to fit any company and budget and we even offer Zimbra that allows you to access your secure email on any smart phone.

MxToolBox is not affiliated with any Blacklists, we just provide a public tool that can be utilized to see if you are on a Blacklist. If you are on a Blacklist, rest assured as we do offer Blacklist Protection! For more information please feel free to visit our website or email us at info@mxtoolbox.com.

We’re always looking for new Blacklists to add, so if you want to suggest one to us, please send an email to support@mxtoolbox.com.

For information about other Blacklists that have shut down or Blacklists that are having problems, view this forum post.

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4 thoughts on “What Blacklists Are and How MxToolBox Helps

  1. Donna Summerfield

    I have recently been Blacklisted, and I talked to someone (if I remember correctly it was someone at Verizon) the other day who told me that I was Blacklisted although my credit is good. As I understood him, my name would be removed from the list. But today I saw the same form with my name and e-mail address on it.

    1) What does my credit status have to do with this?
    2) Will the Blacklisting affect my credit rating?

    I would like to clear this matter and clear my name and credit rating. I’m very tired of this whole situation, but I don’t know what to do. Can you help me, and can you answer the two questions above?

    Thank you for any help you can give me!

    Donna Summerfield

  2. Chad James


    If you are having mail delivery problems as a result of a blacklist, this has nothing to do with your credit rating or credit status in any way, shape or form. Depending on the nature of your email, i.e. if you are using an ISP-provided email (Road Runner, verizon, etc.) or if you actually own a domain name and use email provided by your web-site/DNS host, we can guide as to what is needed to resolve the problems.

    Please call me directly and I can answer any questions and explain the blacklist implications to you… Thanks!!

    Best Regards,
    Chad James
    Account Manager – Customer Care Specialist
    MXToolBox, Inc.
    Direct: 512-637-8765
    Toll-Free: 866-698-6652, ext.116

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