Zimbra’s Search Tools Make E-Mail Manageable

E-mail is easy to lose. While it is not easy to lose the actual e-mail, it is incredibly easy for an important e-mail to get pushed down to the bottom of your inbox or put into a folder and then forgotten. E-mail is one of the most effective organizational tools we have, but this tool can easily create chaos.

This is one of the reasons that the Zimbra Collaboration Suite?s Search Function is so important. The Zimbra Search Function is so efficient that it allows the user complete control over the information.

Zimbra is moving from the less efficient folder organization method that has been cluttering up e-mail systems for years to a more dynamic search function that allows for much more customization. When you open the Zimbra Search Function you are given the opportunity to use a wide range of search tools to efficiently find exactly what you are looking for and you can easily access all of the e-mails that are related to one another with the click of a button.

Zimbra maintains access to the traditional search methods, such as who the e-mail is from, who it is to or who was cc?d, by subject or how it was flagged. So the search capability is still comfortable and familiar to use, but there is so much more.

The Zimbra system uses a well organized search window that allows the user to see all of the search options at once and combine them easily. This added functionality allows the user to search the trash or the junk e-mail folder along with all the traditional folder options. You can even search for keywords inside your attachments, which can be amazingly helpful if you need to find a particular invoice or that much needed document.

Zimbra also allows you to add Zimlets, which are add-ons that are either created by Zimbra to add functionality or are created by third parties that can be downloaded into Zimbra. The Zimlets also allow for ?mash-ups? that allow the user to access more than one application in the same window eliminating the need to open more than one application by allowing these applications to be ?mashed? together. For instance information from your calendar can be viewed through your e-mail.

With the pre-installed Zimlets you can search for an e-mail using a URL or tracking number, which comes in handy when you are working with a customer who has not received their order or trying to find out when your Amazon order is going to arrive.

There is also the capability to fine tune your search by time since Zimbra has included ?last hour? and ?last 4 hours? as search options in addition to the traditionally available ability to search by days so that even the busiest person can stay current with their e-mail.

Your searches can even be saved. All of these features can be used together to create the most efficient and useful e-mail search function imaginable. The finesse which Zimbra allows really makes it not only a more elegant solution, but one that is much more practical as well. Searching on Zimbra is like building an elegant structure. You are given all the tools to fine tune your search to get simply the e-mail you were looking for.

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