Zimbra Comes to the iPhone

Zimbra and the iPhoneThe people who work at your company are always on the go. Meetings, conferences, site visits all take us away from the office and while laptops are small, they are just too heavy to carry around just so you can have access to e-mail, but e-mail is important and we all need to be connected so we lug our laptops around because as a small or medium sized company it didn?t make sense to spend the money for some of the smart phones that would make our lives easier.

Now you can put down that laptop and with the help of MxToolBox and Zimbra you can stay connected to the rest of your company at the touch of a screen through your iPhone. Your iPhone will now synch with your Zimbra applications and ?push? technology will make sure that you get an e-mail on your iPhone as soon as it arrives in your in-box. With the Zimbra iPhone solution you will now have access to all of your vital corporate information at all times. Using Zimbra through MxToolBox you can access your e-mail as well as your company?s contacts, meeting requests and calendar events. All of this information is synched with our servers making the iPhone an effective corporate tool.

The best thing about the iPhone and Zimbra is that Zimbra is part of a collaboration suite available from MxToolBox that will make your company as efficient as the top guns. One of the key reasons that large companies are able to stay efficient is through their use of collaboration software, a huge suite of services that enable all the sales staff to stay on top of their customers and customer support teams that seem almost psychic since they can access customer information that is shared throughout the company. However, these solutions require expensive software, dedicated servers and full-time IT staff to maintain the system. Now small and medium sized businesses are able to afford the types of solutions that will help their companies work more efficiently.

Zimbra through MxToolBox is the answer for small and medium sized businesses who want the benefits of a world class collaboration suite of software. Zimbra allows contacts to be shared by the entire company, which makes closing deals and keeping customers happy that much easier. Calendars are also shared, which means that the entire company knows about important meetings and there is a built in instant messenger. The new iPhone access can now lead to even better company wide collaboration.

Another exciting feature of the new iPhone and Zimbra collaboration is the ability for photos for iPhone contacts to be synched with the Zimbra address book, which is a handy tool when you are meeting a client for the first time at a crowded restaurant and you can look up the client?s photo on the company address book.

Businesses feed off collaboration. Sales people need to work together to find customers and finish deals, customer service staff need to be certain that customers stay happy and meetings need to be easy to organize. With the access to Zimbra through the iPhone all of this collaboration can now be done at the touch of a screen. Just one more reason to leave the laptop at the office and get an iPhone for the office with Zimbra from MxToolBox.

At MxToolBox we thrive on collaboration too. It is one of the reasons that our customer service department is so efficient. We pride ourselves of thinking of our customers first and we want to make certain that you are always happy. The only way for our collaborative system to work is through the use of collaboration software. When we get a customer service request we start a record of this request that can be seen by each of our customer service representatives. Because of our Zimbra collaboration software we are able to work as an efficient team and with the addition of the iPhone compatibility we are now working even better.

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