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How can I make full use of my MxToolbox account? Part 7, Network Tools

This is another installment in our series on getting the most from your MxToolbox account.  Today we discuss a few useful network tools.

Network Tools

There are times when you just need to check your network from outside.   Is this server detectable?  Did I leave the right port open on that firewall?  Is the service up and running?

More advanced setups, complex server or network configurations may require different tools.  MxToolbox has a suite of tools for testing servers on your network.

  • Ping – Use it to see if a server is accessible and “alive” to traffic from outside your firewall.
  • Traceroute – Check the number of hops and delay to your server from MxToolbox.com
  • TCP – Check a port on a server to see if a service is running.
  • Port Scan – Scan your server to see if various common ports are open to outside traffic.

MxToolbox has many more tools for network administrators but these listed above will get you started.

In our next installment, we will discuss free monitoring options.