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How can I make full use of my MxToolbox account? Part 8, Free Monitors

This is another in our series on getting the most from your MxToolbox account.  Today we discuss adding a free monitor.

Add your Free Monitor

When you register with MxToolbox, we give you a free monitor.  You can use this free monitor to monitor IP blacklists, SMTP, TCP ports, or HTTP/HTTPS.   Simply go to the Add Monitor page, and select the type of monitor you would like to add.


Note:  You may see options for Domain Blacklists, DNS, Mailflow and Domain Health monitors listed on this page.  These monitors require a paid subscription.

MxToolbox monitors constantly check the status of your servers and report any issue that might compromise your service.  There’s no need to periodically run lookups, we’ll let you know if something changes.  You can relax knowing that MxToolbox has your back.  We highly recommend that all free users register and setup a free monitor on whatever server they find the most important, troubling or time-consuming.

The best candidates for monitors are lookups that you perform often or are mission critical.  If you find yourself checking your email server daily for SMTP setup, then create a monitor.  If you are concerned about a blacklisting event stopping your business, add a monitor.

In the next installment, we will discuss the benefits of paid monitoring accounts.