Availability Report: Uptime % and Downtime for all your monitors

These days website or app uptime is a crucial aspect to any business online. If your website goes down for any reason your customers and business suffers. MxToolbox Monitoring offers two ways to report on the uptime of your servers:

  • Uptime Reports
  • Availability Reports

Uptime Reporting for Web, DNS, and other critical services give you Summary Uptime and Downtime reporting to protect on each monitor.  Simply select the monitor to see how we protect your business and customer satisfaction.   Uptime monitoring tracks performance over time in order to compare how your server is performing today vs last month or last week.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.02.40 PM

Our Availability Report allows you to view the Uptime %, Downtime, and displays the current status for all your monitors. The Availability Report allows you to specify the date range so you can recall historical Uptime/Downtime statistics and issues.  This is particularly valuable when you want to show upper management how well things have been running over the past quarter or year or justify additional expenditures for servers.  In addition, you can access specific monitors directly from the Availability Report to checkout current status and specific issues.

With our new Availability and Uptime Reporting, MxToolbox Monitoring gives you even more insight into how your servers, and business, are running.