How can I make full use of my MxToolbox account? Part 11, Add Premium Monitors

In this installment of our series on getting the most from your MxToolbox account, we’ll discuss our premium monitoring options and how they can save you time and money.

Consider Premium Monitoring Options

MxToolbox is constantly striving to develop tools and monitors that save time for IT professionals.  Most of our tools and monitors are included in our MxWatch monitoring packages, but a few are more complicated or require more infrastructure to support.  These are premium monitors that require an extra charge.

Domain Health Monitoring

As an online business, you have a domain; that pesky “.com” thing you run use as your online presence.  This domain has value to you:  It’s your name online.  It’s the location everyone uses to access your services.  It’s how people find you now that the Yellow Pages are a historical curiosity.  Since it’s so valuable, wouldn’t you like a regular report card on your domain that tells you how it’s doing?  That’s our Domain Health Monitor.

Domain Health analyzes your domain and automatically creates the monitors you need for your domain, including: Blacklist, DNS, SMTP and HTTPS monitors.  These monitors scan your domain frequently and report on any potential issues.  You get peace of mind your domain is accessible to your customers and prospects.

Mailflow Monitoring

If you’re running your own mail server, you probably have to deal with users complaining of missing messages, delays or messages not arriving at their destinations.  How mail is processed through your network and servers is important and can affect everything from customer satisfaction to actual sales.  An unanticipated outage could cost you money, time and customers, not to mention a few hours of work and the ire of everyone at the company.  That’s why we developed our Mailflow Monitor.  

MxToolbox Mailflow monitoring is an end-to-end monitor for how email flows through your mfgraphlarge_smallservers.  Every 5 minutes, we send you an email that is forwarded back to our servers.  We analyze the round-trip time and the headers to understand how the email flowed through your servers.  We give you a complete analysis and alert you when our messages reach certain performance thresholds.  You even get reports you can use for management.

DNS Zone Protect Monitoring

If you own a domain, you registered it at a domain registrar and then configured DNS records so that everyone on the Internet could find your website and send you email. Those records are vitally important for your domain to work properly.  DNS Zone Protect is a service from MxToolbox that monitors all of your DNS records for a domain, in real time, to make sure you know for certain that your DNS is working and that all of the information is correct.

DZPChangeSummaryDNS Zone Protect gives you two very powerful features in one simple service. If anyone, using any method, modifies any of your DNS records, you will know about it. This includes possibilities like a compromised DNS login, an attack against your DNS provider, or other possible security vulnerabilities on the DNS Servers. The method of attack doesn’t matter. If your records change, DNS Zone Protect will make sure you will know about it.

The other benefit DNS Zone Protect provides is a comprehensive change history of all your DNS records. This automatic communication is vital so that everyone on your team knows exactly what is being done, in real time. We also keep a histoDZPStatusrical account of changes which allows you to go back and see what your DNS records were at any point in time in the past.  DNS Zone Protect gives you peace of mind about all your DNS for that domain, not just the records you know about.

In the next in our series we will discuss use cases, specifically, how to verify setup of an email server using MxToolbox.