How can I make full use of my MxToolbox account? Part 9, Paid Subscriptions

The latest in our series on getting the most out of your MxToolbox account discusses some of the benefits of a paid subscription.

Get a Paid Subscription

While most of our customers use MxToolbox for free (and we encourage that!), many of our customers need more monitors and monitoring options to make their work even easier.  MxToolbox offers affordable monthly subscription packages that include a flexible number of monitors (IP and Domain Blacklists, SMTP, TCP, DNS, HTTP/S) combined with advanced tools.

Advanced Tools

MxToolbox is committed to making life easier for Network, Email and Systems Administrators, people who work on IT infrastructure on a daily basis.  As part of that, we are constantly looking to add new tools that simplify repetitive work. (We hate doing the same thing every day too!)  Some of these tools may require a paid subscription, but we will never make our free tools paid.

Try DNS Batch Tool

The DNS Batch Tool is the first in our new line of premium tools, tools included with a paid DNSBatch_resultssubscription and featured in the Professional interface.  This tool enables you to input unstructured text and run batch DNS queries on the IP addresses contained therein.  This is particularly useful for someone analyzing an event log, say from an intrusion, or network routing tables.  The DNS Batch Tool saves you time pulling all the relevant IP addresses, sifting through them and then running multiple queries to determine what IP could be the problem.  We do it all in batch and even send you an email of the results, if you would like.

In our next installment, we will discuss the benefits of the additional monitoring options you receive with a paid account.