How can I make full use of my MxToolbox account? Part 4, DNS

This is the fourth in our series of making the most of your MxToolbox account.  Today, we’ll discuss DNS tools that make it easy to see your DNS configuration.


DNS is the backbone of the internet.  If your DNS is not setup properly, no one will find you dns_exampleonline, send you email or be able to access your online store.  Checking DNS is incredibly important, so MxToolbox has created a number of lookups dedicated to checking your DNS configuration.  All of these are accessible from our SuperTool interface.

  • DNS (Name servers) – Check your DNS name servers for configuration issues.
  • DNS Propagation – Check DNS records across your name servers to verify they are propagating when updated.  DNS Propagation has its own page.
  • A, MX, CNAME, TXT, etc – Check individual record types to ensure they are setup and responding correctly.

If you want to know more about DNS, there are many resources on our blog.

Our next installment in this series will go over Website lookups for HTTP/HTTPS.