Rise in Realtime Black List (RBL) Activity over Yesterday and Today

On our MxWatch Server Monitor we have aggregated all of our user data and Blacklist results into two informational graphs on our new Dashboard.  As a benefit of providing this information, we noticed both a rise in listings for today as well as an increase for the Realtime Black List (RBL) Mailspike. Note, we also saw a rise for Truncate, Spamhaus, Lashback & CBL. It seems like yesterday was a big activity day for RBLs.

We were intrigued, so we did a bit of digging. We didn’t find anything on the Internet or on Twitter, so we reached out directly to Mailspike.  They quickly responded (nice Customer Service!) and let us know that they have been making a few upgrades. They have upgraded their “infrastructure to be able to deal with more data and they added/improved algorithms for zero hour detection and bulk listing of highly compromised IPs inside dynamic network ranges.”

Oh and by the way Mailspike, we love your Live Traffic Monitor. That’s a really cool idea!

As always, we thank you for using our Server Monitoring tools and for reading our blog! If anyone has any further details on any of these Blacklists and the activity, contact us at feedback@mxtoolbox.com.

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