March Newsletter – Does MxToolBox Advocate the Use of Blacklists?


March Newsletter – Does MxToolBox Advocate the Use of Blacklists?

One of the most common security challenges for companies is keeping their organization’s email off of Blacklists. A Blacklist, or Realtime Black List (RBL) is simply a database of dangerous IP Addresses that email server operators can use to reject mail from sources that have been identified as sending spam.  When your company gets Blacklisted it can cause major trouble for your business and often has detrimental effects on your email delivery and the ability to reach your prospects and/or current customers; and that can mean loss of existing or potential business!People all around the world rely on our Super Tool (Blacklist Lookup) and our MxWatch Email Server Monitoring services on a daily basis to let them know if they have network problems.  We wanted to help shed a little light on blacklisting and what that means for you and your business.  We hope to answer a few common questions that we’ve recently received:

Q: Are Blacklists credible organizations?  
A: Some are; some are not.

Q: Is MxToolBox a credible organization?  
A: Absolutely!  We are here to help you understand blacklists and how they can affect your business. We also understand how time consuming they can be and we are here to offer you a solution!

Q: Does inclusion of a blacklist on the MxToolBox Super Tool have any effect on my email delivery?  
A: Absolutely not.  We simply report that your IP Address is listed.  The effect that it has on your email is 100% dependent on the recipients who choose to use said blacklist as a spam-filter on their email servers. For instance, if your IP is in the blacklist database and the recipient uses it as a filter; your emails will likely bounce and they won’t accept them.  If your IP is not listed, your mail should be accepted in the majority of cases. This also doesn’t mean the recipient server won’t mark you as “Spam” based on content.  If that’s the case, keep in mind your email was still accepted by the recipient server.

Q: Does inclusion of a blacklist on the MxToolBox Super Tool advocate the use of a blacklist?  
A: Absolutely not.  Again, we are simply here to report the data of the blacklist databases.  For blacklists that have a bad reputation for the listing criteria and/or delisting protocol, the problem is not that MxToolBox reports the data; we are here to help alert you.  The problem is the organizations that choose to use said Blacklists as a tool despite their [the blacklists] poor reputations.  We’re here to help you understand that and to make recommendations on how to solve the problems!

A good example is the NOMOREFUNN Blacklist whose website is currently down.  We are aware of the NOMOREFUNN site issue; However, their database is still returning positive results and we will continue to provide those results as long as they are active.

The number one thing about which you need to be concerned is whether or not there is any effect on your outbound mail delivery.  If you are getting bounced or returned messages or your recipients are not getting your messages, then you should be concerned that you have a bigger problem at hand.  Most blacklists can be contacted for removal once you’re cleared up any issues in your network.

Spam and Virus ProtectionEmail hostingGoogle AppsRegardless of what is causing the problem, MxToolBox can offer you a solution that includes Spam & Virus Protection with Outbound Blacklist Managment. If you run your own email server, we can offer you Emergency Mail. If you are hosted and are looking for a bigger, better and more secure environment, we can provide Email Hosting, MxToolBox Supported Google Apps for Business & Microsoft Office 365. No matter which service you choose, MxToolBox is going to take care of your email.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team by emailing or simply call 1-866-MxToolBox (698-6652) with any questions or to learn how you can put the Blacklist issue behind you forever!


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