Postini – 4000 Character Approved/Blocked Sender Limit

List length limit (4000) exceeded.

If you have received this error when trying to add to your approved/blocked sender list, it can be very frustrating!

Postini has limited the number of characters (not entries) and the maximum number of characters allowed for each approved/blocked list in the Administration Console to 4000.  If each entry is 30 to 40 characters, each sender list can include approximately 100 to 130 addresses and domains.

To free up more space, we recommend deleting addresses that are no longer used. Keep in mind that if you are managing your Approved/Blocked Sender List in your Postini Message Center, you are only adjusting your personal preferences. Your administrator may consider adding an address  to the global organization-level list to improve filtering for all users. If that is done, this would mean that you could remove that particular address from your list and free up a bit of space.

Keep in mind that the approved/blocked lists are meant to allow addresses that have had issues getting through the filters; we do not recommend proactively adding email addresses to the approved sender list. Adjusting your approved/blocked senders list can allow spam through unknowingly. We also highly recommend never adding your own domain or any specific email address on your domain as that can cause spoofing and then you have opened the door to spam!

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