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Most people can relate to that, “I just sent you an email, do you have it YET?” experience.  Most monitors only detect when your email is down completely.  MailFlow Monitoring from MxToolBox will tell you when your server (or service provider) is SLOW.  And, you can see those trends over time.

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If you have ever found out that your mail server was down from one of your users, and you are the System Administrator, you know that can be kind of embarrassing, not to mention stressful. MailFlow Monitoring was built specifically by our Engineers to go beyond just monitoring static SMTP availability, so you can know right away when there is an issue. It provides real-time daily, weekly or monthly statistics by monitoring the status of all mail in and out of your server. With this information you can really start to build a true picture of the Up/Down status and performance of your mail server. Plus the system can help you identify any issues with intermittent delays so you can address the problems before they escalate.

How does it work?
The MailFlow Monitor tests the full availability and performance of an SMTP server by sending a test message every five minutes to a predetermined mailbox on your domain. Once the message is injected into your server it obeys the mail hops or set routes and then your mail server auto-replies or forwards the message back to us. Once we receive the reply we automatically graph all the data for you showing the high and low response times and how long it took mail to pass in and out of your server. This graphical data can be sorted by multiple time periods, i.e. last 7 days, 30, days, etc.

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We built this service so we could monitor the status of our own many mail servers!  When we really looked at our own needs we didn’t feel that any of the current available monitoring services in the market could tackle this request in an efficient and cool way. After seeing how valuable the end result was in managing our own infrastructure, we realized that we couldn’t keep the tool all to ourselves, so we made it available to everyone!

To get the power to save the day, you need to check out our Basic and Professional Monitoring Products.

*Note that that MailFlow Monitoring is not eligible with a Free Monitor account.

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