August Newsletter – All New Crazy Good MxWatch Server Monitoring

Our Engineers have been working double time to release a slew of new features for our Mxwatch Monitoring tool. This tool is designed to take the guessing out of server management we understand that if something is wrong with your email server, you need to know right away! The core features of the tool have always been to send alerts if there is a problem with server performance, availability or if your server has been Blacklisted. Here at MxToolBox we like to think outside the box and this time our Engineers have outdone themselves. Here are all the new features we have released:
MailFlow Monitor
The feature we are the most excited about is our MailFlow Monitoring service. Our Engineers specifically built this one of a kind tool to go beyond just monitoring SMTP, it provides real-time daily, weekly and/or monthly statistics by monitoring the status of all mail in and out of your server. Our system sends a message to your server every 5 minutes, to which your system auto-replies or sends a forward back to us.  This allows you to get a true picture of the Up/Down status and performance of your mail-server!  

We built this service so we could monitor the status of our own many mail servers and we didn’t feel that any current solutions on the market could tackle this request in an efficient and awesome way.

TCP Monitoring
If you have your own email server in-house, chances are you may also be running other servers or have other IP Addresses that you may want to keep an eye on; such as your website!  If so, you need to know the status of both at all times so you can react quickly in the event of problems.  We can monitor the status of your website and all other servers (anything operating on the TCP Port Level.)  

Mobile Web App
We know that oftentimes you aren’t sitting in front of your computer when something breaks. That’s why we created a mobile web app that gives you a “Status Board” which quickly identifies if services are up or down with color coding for ease. In the screenshot below the red bar indicates that is currently blacklisted and the clear indication next to indicates that the website is up!

Tags & Simple Dashboard
When a service is down or having issues you need to be able to quickly identify the service. Our simple dashboard allows you to quickly see where the problem is by color coding alerts. Red means it is down and green is up…its that simple. To make it even easier you can “tag” your alerts for easy recognition, think of it as a labeling system for your servers, customers etc.

Alert Summaries & Verification
When you monitor many things, your phone beeps MANY times. Who needs the added pressure of their phone vibrating off the table? We eliminate those nerves by checking all related items and then send out a single, concise summary of the entire event.

Snooze Button
When you have already diagnosed the service that is having an issue the last thing you need is continued reminders of the problem. Simply hit the snooze button and our service will quit bugging you temporarily. You can even enable the snooze from your phone!

More Frequent Monitoring
The Professional Monitoring package also does more frequent monitoring of the things you need to take care of.

In short, we challenge you to find another provider that is offering all of these features in one easy convenient and awesome tool. Here at MxToolBox we are always working to make things easier for you and we feel that our Monitoring tools do just that. Call us directly with any questions to learn more or to get started on a Trial of MxWatch or one of our other Email & Web Security Services!




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