Google Docs Received More Improvements Last Week

As Google Partners we love to see the adoption of Google Apps and we love to see all of the updates!. If you would like information on how Google Apps can help your organization, contact one of our Google Apps specialists.

Now for a quick summary of the most recent updates to Google Docs.

Shared Folders

  • Shared folders: You now have the ability to share entire folders with other collaborators.
  • Upload multiple files: You can now upload multiple files to Docs simultaneously instead of uploading individually.
  • Return of ‘Items not in folders’ section.

We at MxToolBox like this update because we know everyone has their own filing structure and so now each user can create their own folders and then share with their neighbor. They also changed the interface a bit and it is much easier to create folders, move documents to those folders and then share the folders as well. They also have tweaked the functions when viewing all of your Google Docs so you can more easily share documents with your neighbors as well.

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Google Doc Editor

Google Docs editors are now more consistent across each product. The links, title area, menus, menu terminology, and toolbar are now nearly uniform across documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

This feature is nice because it was often confusing when the Edit section had different settings for different documents. This change will also help users feel more comfortable as they move from other word processing programs to try our Docs.

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Viewing Docs

You can now choose to open docs in a new window or not. You also have the ability to enable/disable the visual update indicators.

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