Hundreds of Thousands of UK Students Move to Google Apps

Google announced today that several more UK universities are moving to Google Apps for their email infrastructure. Moving over to Google Apps will provide these universities with access to a suite of messaging  and collaboration tools including Google Mail™, Google Docs™, Google Sites™ and Google Chat™.  Now that these universities are using the Google suite of products, students will have access to schedule lectures, gather information in a shared location for group projects, organise society events and collaborate and communicate with tutors and peers. It will also familiarise them with a useful tool for their professional lives, as the adoption of Google Apps within UK businesses becomes increasingly widespread.

For more details on the UK universities moving to Google Apps, view the press release here.

As Google Partners we love to see the adoption of Google Apps. If you would like information on how Google Apps can help your organization, contact one of our Google Apps specialists.

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