Free Monitoring Tool Guide

UPDATE 7/31/2010: MxWatch Monitoring Upgrade Announcement

Server Monitoring takes the guessing out of server management.  If something is wrong with your email server, you need to know right away. MX Toolbox’s Free Email Server Monitoring lets you rest easy by sending you alerts when there is a problem with server performance, availability or reputation.

Some companies charge users for this service, at MxToolbox we are proud to give it to the email community.

What It Does

  • Blacklist Monitoring- Email alerts if your server shows up on any of 150 email blacklists
  • Availability Monitoring- Email and pager alerts if your mail server goes down
  • Performance Monitoring- See your server performance trends over time Benefits

Why It Makes Your Life Easier

  • No more worrying about server performance, availability or reputation
  • Find out immediately if there is a problem with your mail server
  • It doesn’t cost you a thing!

Please note, to keep the service free, users are limited to monitoring one server. Additional servers can be easily added to your account for just $10/month each.

Free Monitoring Tool Guide

If you are having issues with V1 Monitoring, please upgrade to V2 Monitoring by registering for a NEW account here. We will soon be migrating all existing V1 Monitoring accounts over to V2.

This guide covers some of the more common questions/problems experienced with the Free Monitoring Tool. If you see any errors or have any feedback, please email us at These are the most common issues that users are having but we are working diligently to fix any bugs that are in the system. Thank you for your patience!

NOTE: We have had reports that the Open Source Network Gateway Untangle does not work well with our servers. We are working with Untangle to resolve this, but we do not have a timeframe of when this will be resolved. If you have an Untangle setup, please feel free to email us at so we can work with you on your setup.

Argument ‘Length’ must be greater or equal to zero

a) This error happens when we are blocked intermittently by mail server. If you receive this error please add our IP ranges to your mail server or firewall: and

Monitoring Times/Polling Intervals

a) Monitoring Times or Polling Intervals are normally every 15 minutes for SMTP test, once in a 24 hour period for blacklist. Note: MX records are only updated once at the setup of the account.


b) If you would like your Dashboard to be updated, we can run that update manually, please email us your domain name and IP to

False Server Down Alerts

a) This error happens when we are blocked intermittently by your anti-spam software. If this message cannot be received please add our IP ranges to your mail server or firewall: and

If you are finding that messages that you want to receive are not being received you may need an email continuity solution to assist with your delivery of mail. Please send an email to or for more information on our Email Business Products, go here.

UPDATE 7/31/2010: MxWatch Monitoring Upgrade Announcement

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