Fully Hosted and Managed Email Services on the Rise

In a tight economy, IT administrators are reaching toward releasing their mail server and implementing a fully hosted or fully managed email service. Flexbox Managed Mail are the leaders in this industry. We are also here to provide 24/7 support that will help making this switch seamless for your company!

Flexbox Managed Mail

Any IT Manager/Consultant/Administrator that has ever considered moving from a self-managed server to a Managed Email Service knows that the migration process is enough to stop the idea dead in its tracks. Consider this—with traditional hosted email (i.e. Non-FlexBox hosted email), in order to simply test a hosted email solution in a day-to-day production environment, every single user must be moved off of the mail server and onto the Managed Platform, all at once. Just to test it! There goes the weekend. After migration, the help desk phone begins to ring, and ring, and ring. “How do I use this new system?” “Why didn’t all of my contacts move over?” The list goes on and on. Forget about having any fun for the next couple of weeks. Then, if the managed solution just doesn’t deliver, every user has to be moved back to the old system (another weekend), data from each system has to be reconciled (good luck) and all those folks in the Executive Suite are going to be asking for answers. Not fun.

FlexBox completely changes the rules of email migration. Because FlexBox technology allows a single address to exist in two places, IT Managers (you), can now have a user’s mailbox on your server and you can have that same user’s mailbox on a FlexBox Managed Mail server. You can have one user, some of your users or all of your users on both systems.

This means you can try Managed Email without migrating every user. FlexBox Managed Mail is the only Managed Email service that let’s administrators keep some users on their in-house server and put other users on a Managed Server. It is also the only Hosted Email solution with Self Paced Migration. No more 72 hour weekends. No more two week help desk flood. No more damaged reputation. Just the exact email system that you need.

Other MxToolBox Email Services

Junk Mail is a spam and virus filtering service for email servers. Junk Mail has inbound and outbound mail filtering with free spooling, it includes Lock Down and the ability to use our Protected Outbound Relay (Smarthost).

Emergency Mailis an always on, always up to date backup email box. The mailbox has a rolling 30-day email history and is always ready. There is zero switchover time, zero IT Intervention and zero switch back time. Emergency Mail is provisioned on a per user basis. This feature also includes spam and virus filtering, Lock Down and our Protect Outbound Relay (Smarthost).

Mobile device Synchronization and Email Archiving are also available.  All services are available immediately to organizations throughout North America. And, if you are an IT Consultant or Solutions Provider, we are happy to announce that we have a FlexBox Email Services Partner Program.

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